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    Dining Room Table

    Rustic Dining Table

    The Rustic Dining table is simple and elegant; this style wins both the soul and the eye. The French have an innate sense of taste and refinement that maintains this carefree and original style. The style is marked with strong notes of elegance and softness, but still maintains its details inspired by rural life.

    In a true space with Provencal design, you can easily see the characteristic colors reflect the surrounding countryside. The classic furniture brings a unique style to each room where they are placed. We have a wide variety of classic dining furniture in the French style. These are made of premium quality mahogany woods and manufactured by expert carpenters. Classic dining furniture in La Maison Chic is offered with the best quality – price.

    The French style is perfect for country homes and elegant homes as long as we are able to find the perfect balance between beauty and comfort. There is beautiful furniture with soft tones and patterns and remarkable accents. By this, you can create spaces inspired by this style of warm and cozy decoration in your home. Looking for a Reclaimed dining table?  Opt for the La Maison Chic.

    Wooden Dining Table

    Our Wooden Dining Table is made of solid wood, with bronze details are perfect to give warmth and elegance to any room. We advise you to choose the living rooms, dining tables, offices, sofas, and bedrooms that best suit your environment.

    The classic dining furniture, stand the test of time and due to its high quality do not lose value. The chairs and tables should contribute to making each meal unique and exclusive. Therefore, apart from its design, it is essential that they be very comfortable. We combine furniture and contemporary design with luxury based on French heritage.

    Rustic Dining Room Table

    Rustic Dining Room Table designs are made in an artisanal way, taking care of the smallest detail. Each piece of furniture reflects the hand of the expert artisan and the taste for measurements and materials. Thanks to our experience we can faithfully reproduce models from the past. The finishing of the solid mahogany and the care for the small detail make us feel sensations of exclusivity and warmth.

    Ideas of French Decoration

    Today we have for you all some ideas of French decoration if you want to add a relaxed, warm, and subtly elegant atmosphere. This type of design combines French elegance with a rustic style to achieve an elegant and cozy style.

    We also make Rustic furniture، dining rooms, bookshelves, bar furniture, made of wrought iron, tables, and chairs. Also, we have leather sofas, double and children’s bedrooms, auxiliary furniture, and accessories.

    We offer our clients a complete range of services: Lacquering, varnishing, and restoration of antique furniture. We have custom furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, built-in wardrobes, bathroom furniture and decoration in general, and classic dining furniture.

    We put at your disposal all our experience to help choose the right furniture for each space. Send us an email with any questions. We are happy to answer your questions.

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