Contemporary Side Tables

Our Contemporary Side Tables range is an impressive example of 1970s postmodern designs. Modern Side Tables with symmetric edges, mirror surfaces, sleek metal frames and contrasting materials exhibit the era's brave combinations. Bold designs are a true triumph of understated forms and luxurious materials.The peak of postmodernism was in the 1970s and it reinvented the line between art and design, creating interiors that are bold and extravagant, and were made to be seen and admired. Furniture no longer merged into the background, left behind to be ignored and forgotten about. Simplistic colours and designs were rebelled against and homes were transformed into galleries where furniture was art to be appreciated, a talking point and to be enjoyed. Designers became playful with their work, overlooking the previous norms and allowing their creativity to flow. They experimented with a range of materials such as wood and metals and also focused more on using recycled materials. Colours were contradictory, mixing bright and bold colours with earthy and more subdued tones. This was truly an unstoppable time for reinvention and rediscovery of how home furniture can look.Each piece from our Contemporary Side Tables range is made to become the staple of any room. As you browse, focus on the shapes, textures, and the use of material that make each item unique, striking and distinct. With a vast range of quirky designs made from a range of materials and an array of different sizes, look no further for the perfect new addition to your home.
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