Wall Hangings

Our splendid home decor accessories, Classical vintage-style Boxes, Racks & Wall Hangings will inspire and refine your decor. Wall hangings help create a focal point in the room and give a sense of ravishing style. They add character and personality and make each room unique and captivating. Finding the right wall hangings is crucial to personalize your home, creating a space in your image.Our range of French shabby chic wall hangings and metal wall shelves will fit perfectly in your home. Contemporary art posters, vintage wall plaques, art wall pieces and many other beautiful wall accessories to add to your décor. Art Wall PiecesWe offer a wide range of Classic and Contemporary Art Wall pieces to suit many interior designs. They portray your personality and help those who enter the room understand your taste and cultural interests. Art Wall decor is also a great way to express yourself and are excellent subjects of conversation. Moreover, they add a pop of colour, vibrance, dynamic and texture to the wall adding a spark to your interior. Besides being eye-catching, they are also a great way to choose a colour pallet for the living space. Vintage wall plaques, Coat of ArmsFirst used among European nobility in the 12th century, the coat of arms traditionally helped to establish and recognize identity during a battle. Now they evolved into a symbol representing a family, person, property ownership, career, etc. Ornamental wall plaques are very detailed and can have many elements that will attract your guests’ curiosity. Little window to English history, our Coat of Arms will introduce a vintage yet traditional touch into your home. Wall DécorOur stunning selection of wall décor ranges from Stag Heads to Star and Angel Wings and guarantees to incorporate unique and graceful elements into the abode. Our wall décors feature subtle detailing and lovely finishes bringing charm and elegance to any space, a must-have on your wall.
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