Christmas, Noël, Navidad... is an exciting time of the year for all. While we are all waiting for Santa Claus, le Pere Noel, it’s time to incorporate some decorations into your interior. Cultural or religious celebration, the festive season is filled with joy, sharing and peace. Christmas takes influence in many pagan traditions celebrating the winter solstice at the darkest period of the year: In ancient Greece, temples were decorated with trees symbolising the sacrifice made to the gods. Christmas decorations bring faith, warmth and glow into our home during the cold and dark winter like a light in the world's darkness. Therefore, adding them will make your home feel cosier and more welcoming. Advent Calendar, LED décor, Hurricane Lantern, Tree Skirt, and many other beautiful Christmas accessories to add to your décor.A range of stylish & unique Christmas decorations, view our selection of Classical & Modern styles to compliment any home during the festive season. All our products are made to a high-quality standard. Advent CalendarFirst created in Germany in the 19th century and soon spread to Europe and North America, the advent calendars are extremely popular. Perfect for adding a festive holiday cheer, they mark the days leading up to Christmas, the famous countdown to the festivities, featuring doors that open to reveal a small gift such as chocolate, treats or toy. A must-have for your décor as children and adults are crazy about it!LED Décor Lighting the darkness during that season is an ancient tradition. Better for the environment, LED lights use less energy, last longer than incandescent lights and are a great way to create a lovely welcoming display. They subtly fill your home with warmth and a festive glow by bringing a magical feel into your home.Hurricane Lantern & Candle HolderIdeal adorns your dining table Hurricane Lanterns, Candle Holders are crucial elements during the festivities. They will enhance and elevate your dining arrangement by adding a homely yet comforting feel
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