Table Lamps

A contemporary or classical living room is simply incomplete without a stylish table lamp to render a finishing touch to a room. We have brought up lamp designs with a sophisticated classical appeal, bedroom lamps, romantic, cosmopolitan glass designs and even trendy table lamps. No matter whether you are interested in ceramic or glass table lamps or French styles, you will get a beautiful selection of unique table lamps. Our wide collection comes with lamp bases and shades that will suit every type of style, thus, you will surely get an ideal piece for your room.

French Lamp

Are you inspired by the style and charms of France? If yes, then our wide selection of French Lamp is right here for you. These styles of lamp utilize décor and lighting for creating rich layers of texture to render a striking and warm look. French style lamps feature soft and cozy furnishings, sparkling crystal accents, and ultra-fine patterns as well as washed textures.

Ceramic Lamp

A Ceramic lamp is a subtle way of adding a tasteful décor to your house. Lamps are considered to increase the lighting but they even enable one to display their decorating capabilities and form a welcoming room in the home. Our ceramic lamps come in every sort of style and color. Hence, while selecting the color of this lamp for your house, you will get wide options. These elegant pieces offer a wonderful scope of adding added flare from the standard hues in a room. They even come in coastal, glam, modern, traditional and many other styles. You are sure to find the ceramic lamp style that matches the style of your house.

Glass Lamp

Light fixtures and lamps could be affixed with several decorative and functional items which are made of glass. Although some of these pieces are utilized within a lamp’s body, the main purpose of every glass on one fixture is being a lampshade to diffuse and soften the light. To let electric lights shine in an appealing and comfortable way, we render a wide collection of glass lamp in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. With huge options to select from, we could assist you in finding an ideal lamp as per your choice or need.

Rustic wooden lamp

If you are planning to welcome the farmhouse style in your home by adding a rustic wooden lamp, then you are in the right place. These versatile pieces could compliment end tables in a family room or console tables in the hallway. The combination of wood, glass, and metal create a neutral colored appearance which simply stands out in the house. Our excellent options of these pieces will coordinate perfectly with lots of color schemes and decorative styles. Just add layered lighting to space with a rustic wooden lamp.

Stone Lamp

A Stone Lamp can add an extra level of elegance that you might want for your house. Our wide collection of these pieces is stocked keeping people’s interests and tastes in mind. You will find tons of options to choose from that suit your home décor and style.
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