Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors Importance

Venetian mirrors can now be found in some antique shops. Concretely in LA MAISON CHIC, you can find Venetian mirrored Furniture very different from each other and also some other pieces of glass, we invite you to browse our selection to see what we can offer you. To recognize it, we must take into account that the frame is also mirrored and consists of small pieces decorated with floral motifs that are engraved with a stone lathe.  The Aged Furniture and Accessories consists of;

  • They usually carry hand-carved crystal flowers. At first, the frame was carved wood, but the characters are in glass molding today.
  • They are made entirely by hand and therefore each model is unique.
  • They are tremendously versatile; we just have to dare to hang it on our walls.

Venetian mirrors, a type of mirrors very special and easily recognizable. But how are they different from the rest? What makes them so special and unique? Undoubtedly it is its frame realized in glass, instead of wood or metal. At LA MAISON CHIC, we will guide you about everything! The aged Mirror Furniture, are Mirror-lined wood furniture, used to be very difficult to find, but now we have them here on our website so they can enjoy their beauty. They are very striking pieces that will enhance their decoration and give a feeling of spaciousness to any room where they are placed.

All of them form a beautiful composition of central moon surrounded by a glass frame, formed by pieces with drawings and floral motifs engraved with a stone lathe. These are mounted, imitating the forms of a classic frame, which show borders, wreaths, leaves or ribbons, beautiful front with scrolls and carved moldings. Each of the pieces that form the frame is hand carved by glass experts. The original Venetian mirrors continue to be made in the glass workshops of LA, but we can find some older ones, in antiquarians worth approximately £ 2500 - £ 3000. Its cost will vary depending on its work-ability, the number of drawings, and their complexity and the amount of decoration applied.

Those of new manufacture come with the certificate of authenticity and are valued at about £ 1000. Usually, as with other design pieces (chairs or tables, for example), many manufacturers create mirrors inspired by the originals, faithful reproductions of high quality, which go on sale for a more affordable price, within reach Of all the pockets, with prices that oscillate between the £ 150 - 1000. In this price line, you will find your mirror in the ' Venetian Mirrors ' section of our furniture and decoration shop. Here you will find a wide selection of models, in different sizes and formats. Currently, there are several different models. We are specialists in Custom Mirror Furniture. We manufacture your Aged Furniture and Accessories in any measure.

  1. Antiqued Mitred Mirror:

This mirror is outclass and is beautifully designed in a most astounding manner. The corners of this mirror are molded inside giving it more durability.

  1. Astoria Round Wall Mirror:

This one will suit best for anyone’s need. This round mirror has three to five layered curved edges that are separately fixed on to other to give it more beauty. You can hang this or simply put on table.

  1. Aude Mirror:

This mirror stands out the most. It is prolonged and simple, with sprinkled elegance on it. This can however be customized in any size and shape!, just according to your needs.

  1. Extra Large Rectangular Mirror with Frame:

The forth category of antiqued mirrors reflects its name. The extra large mirror is best suitable for lounges, consoles and even for bedrooms.

  1. Floral Round Mirror:

This antiqued mirror has flowers carved by it sides. Despite of its round shape, each detail is visible clearly. The floral touch enhances the beauty to maximum.

  1. Heavy Glass Mirror:

This mirror is simple yet trendy. Plus, it is antiqued too. To give it more antiqued look, it is painted with silver-ish grey color! It has a sturdy design and is rectangle in shape.

  1. Ischia Cushioned Venetian Mirror:

It is ideal for keeping over floors or mounting. Its cushioning attributes make it more appealing yet worthy.

  1. Jaxon Large Antiqued Glass Venetian Mirror:

Regardless of the extra large size of this antiqued mirror the mirror looks classy and astounding. The over lapping on the other hand makes it appear striking enough!

  1. Large Contemporary Deco Heart Blocks Wall Mirror:

This one is a traditional style antiqued mirror, with the blocks of heart attached. It is beautifully designed and incorporated together.

  1. Large Layered Frame Art Deco Mirror:

This antiqued style mirror is superior to any other. It is huge and on the top of it is evenly layered, keeping the exterior to utmost finishing!

  1. Large Oval Venetian Mirror:

This one purely reflects the old times. Having this mirror will you take you in pure ancient times; the floral base accompanied with a queen touch surpasses the elegance.

  1. Skinny Tall Venetian Mirror:

This skinny and tall mirror is best suitable which have small rooms. However, it can also be used in lounges and condos. This look outstanding when placed as this is in trend and looks alluring.

  1. Swivel Floor Mirror:

It is attached with a stand and has an interchanging mirror, which can flip easily. The shape of this antiqued mirror is oval and looks relay amazing when it is placed on dressing tables or in rooms. Again a tremendous mirror it is.

  1. Valencia Octagonal Mirror:

This one is in fashion and occupies some more space because of its octagonal shape. It is gigantic and well-built in style. However, despite its full-size design some people like it to most and is the most admirable type of mirror.

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