Bathroom Accessories

Beautiful French bathroom accessories, classical soap holders, toothbrush holders, vintage storage jars, light fixtures. We have many French style bathroom accessories and we are sure you will fall in love with our exclusively selected products.We offer exquisite light fixtures in this range, such as wall lights and ceiling lights. Our range of different materials such as brass and chrome, with a selection of different styles, shapes and designs, will help you to find the perfect item to lighten up your bathroom in style.Our selection of toilet roll holders comes in a selection of different styles. Ranging from subtle French styles with pastel and light colour schemes, to our antique selection with beautiful engraving made from strong cast iron, these are sure to add that essential finishing touch to your bathroom, supplying both functionality and beauty.Bathroom door signs are another key collection within our bathroom accessories range. Did you know that the first sign ever found dates all the way back to 18,000 BC? It was the Romans however, that influenced the way that we use signs even to this day. They were the first to create them using metals such as iron and even decorated them with thin layers of gold. Our iron door signs come in a range of different finishes such as chrome and brass, and are hand-finished with durable powder-coated paint.Whether you are looking for storage solutions, decorations or light fixtures, every item in this collection is sure to add that extra touch of grace, substance and beauty to add character to your bathroom and enhance the décor within your home.
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