Undoubtedly, accessories are the most important elements for your decor, able to elevate and enhance the abode. Displaying them is an ideal way to show off your personality and your home may look empty without them. They help transform and complement your interior design, adding colour, shape and depth to create the perfect atmosphere. They add the final touch, “La touche finale!”, to the decor.We offer a wide range of miscellaneous items from decorative ornaments to functional accessories. All our products are made to a high-quality standard, so we guarantee you will be amazed and satisfied with our products.EaselsExtremely popular, the Easel is ideal for weddings, venues, hotels or just to hold a beautiful piece of art. Sturdy and elegant, our easels have amazing detailing and are a sumptuously unique addition to any event, display or interior design. With their sleek profile, they exude timeless appeal. Whether Gold, Silver, Cream, White or Black, make your choice quickly because they are always in demand!Walking SticksHighly fashionable and decorative, our walking sticks are inspired by the Victorian era. With handles featuring either an animal or a knob, the walking sticks were traditionally a symbol of influence, prestige and authority. Their majestic and gracious designs now bring a sense of luxury to any interior.ShelvesShelves have many different purposes in a home and can be decorated with a wide range of options. In addition to providing essential storage space, they are fantastic decorative devices, allowing you to display personal items, flowers, and books. Etc. Letter platesOur Letter Plates add a Victorian touch to your front door with their traditional designs. They allow the letters to be posted through the door safely and easily, keeping your letter box tidy.
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