Fire Surrounds

A range of stylish and unique fire surrounds, view our selection of Classical & Modern styles to complement any home. The fireplace is the centrepiece of your living space. Make sure you choose the right accessories to accompany your fireside and create a warm and attractive environment. Our fire surrounds maintain a high-quality standard.Fire Surrounds:Your future fire surround will enhance the ambience of your living space. Therefore, choosing the right one that fits your interior design is the key to creating a cosy atmosphere that you will always look forward to coming home to. Besides being stylish, our fire surrounds will also provide optimal protection against all the main dangers from your chimney.Wooden Fire SurroundsPopular and durable, the wooden fire surrounds will suit any interior design. A prominent wooden feature is ideal to introduce a peaceful and welcoming feel to your home.  Inspired by 18th-century designs, our wooden fire surrounds will bring natural beauty and a rustic look to your room.Iron Fire SurroundsVictorian-style inspired; our fire surrounds made from iron instantly add charm and character to the decor. Timeless and sophisticated, iron fire surrounds are perfect to bring the feel of an authentic piece into your home and create a cheerful atmosphere.Marble Fire SurroundsMarble has excellent heat tolerance. Evocative of elegant and luxurious interiors, marble fire surrounds age well and suits any era of design. It will give your interior the warmth that you are looking for. French-style inspired, marble fire surrounds guarantee to boost the refined appeal of your living room or dining room. Marble fire surrounds also help intensify the glamour in your abode.Fire Screens & Guards: All chimneys must have a fire screen. It will create a barrier between the fireplace and the room. A must-have if you have children and pets. It is used as a shield to protect those around the fireside from the heat and reduce the amount of smoke. It also prevents the ambers from spitting and spreading into the room. In addition to being fashionable, the fire screen is an important prevention and safety accessory.Companion Set: You can’t have a fireplace without a companion set. It offers a set of tools with standing storage. The companions set has many purposes: controlling and maintaining the fire but also decorative. Traditionally, it consists of a fire poker, hearth brush l and either log or coal tongs.Log Basket:A Log basket is a handy way to store and protect firewood. It also enables clean transportation of the log and makes heavy carrying easier.
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