• Ambient Lighting

    Amongst designing your interior, we feel creating an atmosphere that is warm, inviting and comforting, something you are excited to get home to especially during these current darker days is essential. Ambient lighting layers a mixture of lights such as wall lights, floor lamps, pendants and chandeliers. These combined make the perfect levels of light to set the mood for peace. Below we explore the best ways you can achieve ambience in your interior.

    Wall Lights

    Wall lights make a room feel cosier and complete as they can give off light in all directions and don’t create many shadows. A pair of wall lights can highlight a featured coloured wall or brighten a darkened area. What we love about ambient lighting is how it can change the colour tone of a room. A forest green wall may look strong and bold during the day in the natural sunlight, yet it can be warmer and moody in the evening glow when lit up by some wall lights. Our Aloisa Gold Satin Art Deco Glass Wall Light offers subtle lighting around your room with its exposed glass ball inspired by the Art Deco era, ideal for above a reading corner for general illuminance that isn’t too harsh.

    Floor Lamps

    Industrial. French. Tripod. They all provide your interior with height, balance and a visual warmth in their own style. The practicality of a floor lamp goes hand in hand with its refreshing stylishness as it can bring a dark chair out of the shadows into a warm, inviting spot. Ebbie Fabric and Bamboo Floor Lamp is one of our favourites! Picture it perched behind your sofa creating a calming mood in the evenings as it bounces off the ceiling and surrounding walls. Pair it with the Ebbie Fabric and Bamboo Table Lamp on your side table for the ultimate duo of texture and modern freshness.


    This decorative home piece has been a classic throughout the interior decades, it has developed its form and shape too to suit everyone – from French Antique to Rustic Farmhouse. Chandeliers diffuse light throughout the space providing an overall illuminance without harsh direct lighting. They set a base layer of glow, but they do more by forming specific focal areas with their positioning like the 6 Branch Antique Gold French Style Chandelier showcasing the dining table in an open plan layout or in the hallway entrance for a statement look into your home.  

    Modern Ceiling Lights Similar to the function of a chandelier but with a touch of modernism, these ceiling lights make a direct yet diffused ambient shine around the chosen room. They impact the mood and atmosphere of the space which is why it is important to get the colour temperature of the bulb right that complements your overall design. Warm colours create cosiness and are inviting whereas cold colours are harsher with sophistication. Pendants bring an intriguing, soft smudge of light that is a balance of symmetry and just enough illumination to create a curious and captivating dark space. Contemporary Fisherman Pendant in Brushed Brass, 5-light Industrial Style Wooden Pendant or go for a full trio with Ebbie Fabric and Bamboo Ceiling Light – they all enhance the aesthetic of ambience.

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