Leather Armchairs

A Vintage Leather armchair can offer a stylish appearance to any room. You have lots of options to choose from contemporary designs, Retro classics to traditional Chesterfields, at a very desirable and affordable rate. If you are in search of a classical elegantly designed leather armchair which even assures superb comfort at the end of a very hard day, simply run through our collection of chairs to find the Armchair that suits all your needs. You will find all sorts of luxury armchairs to suit your rooms décor from our wide range of stock. We offer one of the widest range of luxury furniture goods in the UK and make it our top priority to ensure the best service from start to finish.

Deconstructed Armchairs

We have a selection of deconstructed armchairs, this style is purposely partly left unfinished or sections teared away to give the armchair an old unfinished aged look. This look has caught on a lot in the industrial furniture scene where trendy loft conversions and old factory converted apartments implement this style to compliment the age their apartment buildings history and architecture.

Vintage Leather Armchairs

Vintage leather on an armchairs gives a warm depth cosy feel to a home used a lot on farmhouse style comfy chairs. On the other hand you find this style of leather used on retro chairs made to look like they have just been ripped out of a 1950's Ferrari.

Italian Leather Armchairs

Some of our Chairs have leather right from the Heart of Italy. Beautifully Crafted leather top end leather. You find Italian leather to be on a higher price bracket but it is a leather that will last an age and look better and better over time.

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