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Venetian Consoles

The origin of console table is quite an interesting one. It is believed that this piece of furniture came into being in France and later in Italy. There was a time when console tables were a must in aristocratic families. The detailed design and carved work attracted enough human attention. With time, console tables have had a tremendous change. La Maison Chic brings to you the ultimate modern day Venetian console tables. Our wide-ranging collection consists of both traditional and modern consoles. So, customers from every choice can turn to us for their console tables. Originally, console tables were found in half-moon shape with just two legs and the other portion attached to the wall. This was done with the help of S brackets. The whole set up gave an illusion of a free-standing console table. Such designs are available even till date. But obviously with time there have been experiments with the designs that would suit consoles. Modern consoles particularly do not rely on brackets and rather are made in such a way that they are supportive of themselves. In the very beginning, console tables were mainly considered as decorative pieces of furniture. Now, they have become functionally more important while keeping the decorative characteristic intact. The new console tables like the style of Venetian Console are seen to have four legs. This allows them to be a utility and stylish piece of furniture.

Ways by which Console tables can be styled—

  • Consoles can be matched with a mirror on the wall to give the space even more appealing look.
  • Styling should be done right so that console table does not look ignored or blank. Putting plants, photos, lamps or show pieces on top may help in decoration.
  • Choosing the right console table for your space is the key to getting things right. Like if you want a console table for your entryway, then opting for a broad console table may not be ideal.
  • Serving the function of both utility and decoration, console tables can be of a varied style.
  • The Newton console table is one very unique style. Available in both white and black colors, the base has metallic spheres joined together.

Types of Consoles—

Crooked console- With marble placed on top, this console table has a distinguishable look. The elegance of this piece is in the metallic brass structure of the base which has a graphical look. Zybra console- An interesting console table that has eye-catching work. The marble placed on it is sleek and the metal base adds the perfect touch of glamour to it. Wall-mounted console- It would be wrong to say that these are thing of the past. Customers even today want to have this style in their living space as they find the wall-hanging bit to be space saving. The design also serves a lot of storage space. Mirrored console, Venetian console, glass console, etc are all among the favorite among customers. Now, what people look in console tables are more than just functionality.
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