Contemporary Dressers

Our Contemporary Bookcases and Contemporary Dressers range displays a modernist appreciation of detail that renounces embellishment in favour of functionality. Modern Dressers offer the perfect storage solution. Contemporary Bookcases echo the era with its sleek lines, sophisticated-grained wood patterns and moderate metal trim. Within the range, we also offer modern industrial units, inspired by old travel trunks and apothecary units.Contemporary interior design began in the 1970s, ignoring all previous social norms and solely focusing on being current and moving with the times: silhouettes concentrated on such styles as Art Deco and Modernism. Since then, Contemporary interior design has grown into a style all of its own, however, it still keeps with the tradition of embracing the now and continuously progresses and embraces new and trending ideas. Although they do have similarities, contemporary and modern designs are not the same. Modern interior design focuses more on functionality, while Contemporary embraces more creativity and adorns a wider range of elaborate shapes to truly give into the more imaginative side of design. Contemporary designs focus on being tidy, sleek, inventive and up-to-date with current trends and styles. It brings a soothing, and calming atmosphere to the interiors of your home, with the added exciting spark that comes with Contemporary pieces.With our Contemporary range, we try to supply both the bold statement that is portrayed by Contemporary furniture, but also the functionality that you find in the more Modern style. If you are a true visionary looking for a bookcase that will blend faultlessly into your home full of creativity and current trends, then this category is the one you have been searching for.
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