French Style Side Tables

Our French Style Occasional Tables range is inspired by the furnishings of 18th century France. Hand-finished and elegantly weathered, with devoted attention to detail, side tables merge the rustic sensibility with ornate carvings. Shabby Chic side tables add a decorous air to the classical-style interiors. This range reintroduces an antique find, capturing the architectural affection of its exquisite design.While you explore the items within this range you will find key elements of French furniture in each piece. After leaving behind the Baroque style and welcoming the Rococo style at the start of the 18th century, French furniture became known for its light tones, airiness and intricate detailing, all of which you are able to see throughout this range.Classis French designs have been popular since the 1980s. This style romanticises the ideas of antique, worn and aged designs. Much like the Rococo style, light tones and shades are predominantly used such as pastel colours or light wood. Traditional Carved silhouettes embrace items that look worn in and used, showing the history behind the item.Our modern take on French style designs results in items that are antique in shape, style and colour, with weathered finishes that bring character to the piece. However, you have the strength and stability of a brand-new item and you don’t lose any integrity.Take time to explore our exquisite range of French Style side Tables. Each item is crafted with elegance and style in mind, with graceful and well-crafted detailing and ornate carvings inspired by 18th Century France, each piece is guaranteed to attach a refined air to any room in which it is displayed.
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