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French Provincial Furniture

The style of hand crafted furniture inspired by the landscape has captured the minds of so many people. French provincial furniture was originally a rustic, simplified form of the ornate furniture found in French chateaus in the early to mid 18thcentury. Furniture is influenced by the Baroque period, with curved features, carved in wood with natural, floral upholstery.

This Christmas add warm and elegant touch of the French provincial lifestyle to your home. Check out our beautifully designed and hand-rafted French provincial pieces to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle.


    1. Provincial Gavaudun 5ft Bed With Rattan £1519.00 2. Gavaudun Single Armoire £1628.00 3. Gavaudun Bench Double Stool £654.00 4. Gavaudun Dining Chair £326.00 5. Gavaudun Open Bedside £261.00







About French Provincial Furniture

Furniture made in provincial centers such as Blois & Orleans in the Loire valley, and at Lyon or Liege, followed at some distance the design innovations that were initiated in the luxury trades of Paris.

Features associated with French Provincial furniture include scalloped carving. Dining chairs usually have a wheat pattern carving reflecting the culture surroundings of the maker. The ladder back chair with a woven seats are the typical French Provincial dining chairs. Finishes vary though all colours and accumulation of polish or grime in the carving over time resulting in an aged effect on the carving of the furniture piece.

Domestic Bliss

White washed walls are a serene and very dynamic backdrop for green+gold+wood combination (the perfect colour combination for winter!). White walls with black, green and gold (gold compensates lack of sun) accents—it’s not only ravishing; it’s a rather easy colour scheme to pull off. Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away, hurry up to transform your home into the chic downtown apartment of a fashion executive!

It’s substantial to have a really solid idea in mind of what inspires you, you need to do research (La Maison Chicis always happy to help in the search for perfect pieces!) and then take that and transform it into your own thing with the space that you live in.




Domestic Bliss interiors

Autumn Lavishness

Here at La Maison Chic we are best known for our marvellously ornate French style shabby chic beds, armoires and dressing tables! But during the rainy autumn months we focus on linen sofas and reclaimed wood pieces. As the elation of the festive period is getting closer and people are feeling a bit stressed over these next couple of months, it will help to extend that cosy feeling at home.




Vintage inspired furniture will continue to be a trend during cold season with mixed finishes being a big focal point. Our autumn bestsellers are French Rustic Wood Sideboard Console, French Weathered Oak Side Lamp Table made from Solid Oak and Montebello Sofia 2 Seater Wheat Linen Settee.

Our customers are looking for long lasting design that is going to stand the test of time. And we are more than happy to supply products of the highest quality.

French Home Furniture

Cosy at Home


When it comes to giving your house a facelift for the season ou need to start from creating colour palette. Today we offer you cosy colours mixed with charcoal black – amazingly versatile in a decorating scheme. A little bit of antiqued gold finish will elevate just about anything. So don’t be afraid to mix styles and colours.

Soft colours better suited to winter when combined with greys (if you feel adventurous use taupe – warmer alternative to grey) and neutrals in simple shapes. Don’t forget to add natural materials into the mix – you’ll be on our way to spring in no time! This season is perfect opportunity to experiment, stay away from traditional, meet warm season with chic!

Our favourite? This month it is Belgique Noir Deep Buttoned Chaise Longue (it will provide a dark and gorgeous centrepiece, ideal for creating contrast with light brown accents!)




1. Belgique Noir Deep Buttoned Chaise Longue £545.00   2. Monique Green and Gold 2 Seater Sofa £965.00   3. Small Cake Stand With The Bird £29.99  4. Large Loft Wooden Chest £649.00  5. Alberta Grey 3 Seater Sofa £889.00  6. Belgique Noir Deep Buttoned Occasional Chair £359.00  7. French Antiqued Chastellux Console Table £329.00  8. Alberta Grey 2 Seater Sofa £595.00 9. Distressed Cream Stag Head £80.00

Cosy Furniture

Grey Chic Painted Interiors @ La Maison Chic

French Style Grey Interiors




1. Magazine Rack £95.00 – 2. Montpellier Large Framed Mirror £325.00 – 3. Glass Hurricane £53.40 – 4. Amore Oval Framed Mirror £203.00 – 5. Small Antiqued Clock £29.99 – 6. White Antler Chandelier £390.00 – 7Azalia Coffee Table £573.00 – 8. Teruel Oak Console £772.00 – 9. Convex Mirror £230.00 10Glass Large Lantern £161.00 – 11. Table Lamp With Black Shade £245.00 – 12. Azalia Washed Effect Side Table £369.00

New Arrivals Wine Coolers & Ice Buckets @ La Maison Chic

Wine Coolers and Ice Buckets

1. Double Bottle Wine Cooler £175.00 – 2. Metal Rope Handle Ice Bucket £49.99 – 3. Nickel 4 Bottle Wine Cooler £144.00 4. Wine Cooler £72.00 – 5. Metal Pail Wine Cooler £100.99 – 6. Stirrup Handle Brass Wine Cooler £129.70 – 7. Wine Cooler With Rope Handles £77.77 – 8. Horse Head Wine Cooler £95.00 – 9. Stirrup Handle Brass Ice Bucket £64.90 – 10. Nickel Hexagonal Champagne Cooler £97.90 – 11. Large Nickel Wine Cooler £129.99 – 12. Small Anchor Wine Cooler £108.00