Industrial Side Tables

Industrial Side Tables range is inspired by late 20th century. Modernist metal side tables have the understated aesthetic of their industrial origin. They are defined by flawed and organic texture. Industrial Style Occasional tables are usually produced mostly from metal. Wooden top is set flush within a metal frame and the uncovered screwheads are revealing the artisan technique, adding an earthy feel to the interior.Industrial furniture designs were first created for use within factories. This resulted in furniture with simple designs that could be mass-manufactured and created from sturdy materials that could be used for many years before taking extreme damage and breaking. The key materials used were metal, wood and some other materials such as leather.Once the industrial style stepped away from the factories and into everyday homes, interior design adapted to match this look. Walls were left with bare, crumbling stone was left open and on show while other walls were painted to match with simple tones and smooth lines. Pipework and metal ceiling fixtures, fixings, and hardware are left on display. Hanging metal lights are one of the key features to match an industrial design scheme, keeping items simple.Our take on industrial-styled side tables focuses on the use of metal and wood, in both simple designs and more eccentric and contemporary designs. Our interpretations of these industrial side tables result in unique shapes with organic textures, and more traditional side tables made from sturdy metal in a simple and modern design.
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