Art Nouveau Furniture

Art Deco furniturebecame famous as an art and design in the 1920s and 1930s. It began in Paris due to the result of a large arts exhibition in 1925. Soon, this art was found to spread to other parts of the world. One could see this particular design in furniture, art, architecture, decorative arts, etc.What is art deco?The main point of art deco style is that it celebrates modern life and enhances the luxury attached to it. This form of art definitely brought about the use of materials such as Bakelite, chrome, plate glass along with other costly materials such as mahogany, ivory, and dark lacquered surfaces. The process of coating materials such as wood with multiple layers of resins to create the shiny surface is called lacquering.An Art Nouveau Furniture or object would reveal almost similar features. We are talking about the geometric shapes in the form of chevrons or zigzags. The specialty of art deco style as one could is the vertical lines and definitely smoothed streamlined surfaces. In the 1920s, the Art Nouveau Furniture started to develop which coincided with invention of machines such as trains, airplanes, and automobiles. As a result, elements of the modern industrial things were inculcated in the decorative arts automatically. Art Deco Console, Art Deco Chair and other Art Deco furniture welcomed the need for furniture that would fit into the new modern spaces.Art deco in the early times—Art deco in the initial years was quite an expensive item to be sold. Paris department shops in the 1920s had departments that sold every sort of art deco furniture from light to heavy.Art deco style of furniture from the beginning was made out of rich hard woods like macassar or ebony. There is also use of thin layers of wood that would help in covering the surfaces like mahogany or zebrawood. The effect on the surface of this furniture would create a great impact on the customers. Some of the models of this style aren’t very heavy weight. New designs in art deco furniture With age, artists create Art Nouveau Console and Art Nouveau Chair furniture with modern materials like chrome and aluminum. One can find chairs, cabinets and dressers made out of these materials. Highly polished and smooth, art deco furniture with the modern twist is no less attractive. Designers prefer to keep the bold colors such as red and block like earlier times in the new designs. Types of art deco furniture
    • Mirrored furniture- The mirrored art deco furniture was popular right from the 1920s. The luxurious and glamorous look of this type of furniture definitely attracts the attention of customers. Vanity tables, coffee tables as well as dressing tables with mirrored art deco style look great!
    • Luxurious wood- Wood is a preferred choice for many when it comes to art deco furniture. Macassar ebony, mahogany, violetwood and ambonyna burl were some of the most preferred choices for this style on furniture. The rarer the wood, the better.
Lacquer- For a super-glossy finish, this type can be the perfect choice. It gives a sleek and fine look to the furniture. It is considered to be a typical Art Nouveau Furniture. Lathering several coats of lacquer wood give the furniture an uncompromising appearance!
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