• History of Art Nouveau furniture and design

    Art Nouveau furniture is identified by organic shapes and curved lines. The designs that are seen on them are the result of the influence of nature given shape by excellent craftsmanship. Europe and the United States were the countries where this form of furniture became popular. It was between 1890 and 1910. This art form can be seen in other things apart from furniture. Architecture, jewelry, graphic arts and in glass design, you will be able to see Art Nouveau work.

    Art Nouveau term is French and literally means ‘new art’. The creators had something like this in mind when they first came up with this idea. They wanted to make new style and design for the upcoming times. The intention of the creators was to make an art that would stand out from the rest and make something really modern.

    The movement for Art Nouveau started off in France. Later it spread to the rest of Europe. It gradually came to become popular owing to the fact that groups of artists wanted to create quality art through skillful craftsmanship. Art Nouveau came to be known by different names in various parts of Europe. In Scotland, it came to be known as Glasgow Style and in Austria it was known as the Vienna Secession.

    In the age of industrialization and mass-production, there was an urge among the artists to create appreciable work in Art Nouveau. The main idea behind this form of art was to showcase art for everyday life. Art Nouveau was seen to create interior designs that focused mainly the environment around people and their homes. Some of the renowned artists of Art Nouveau such as Charles Rennie, Hector Guimard of France and  Mackintosh of Scotland have worked in more than one area of design. Objects like furniture, lamps and other home items were created from the Art Nouveau.

    Art Nouveau did not take away the significance of other art forms. One of the reasons behind this was that this art form was quite expensive to make and required superior level of skill. The elaborative curves and twists on the objects had to be done by hand itself. This surely wasn’t that easy to do. When such furniture or pieces were made with so much skill and effort, it was sure to demand more cost than usual.

    Though Art Nouveau couldn’t stay for long because of its affordability, it was still very influential. The first thing to recognize in Art Nouveau furniture is its long line made out of wood. This line would form various organic shapes and accomplish the entire piece as a very stylish one. Some of the characteristics of this art form come from the Japanese art which artist at that time vehemently accepted.

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