• Luxury Interior Design Trends 2018

    Luxury Interior Design 2018

    Every year exciting new array of trends are adapted by designers and are later incorporated into homes. After the assessment of numerous designers, we’ve predicted the interior design trends that may play vital roles in 2018 luxury interior design trends and may also be adapted by designers across the globe. Don’t be amazed if you find luxury interior design trends from 2017 in the list alongside new interior design trends. Let’s take a look at what are the 2018 luxury interior design trends. Amongst the new interior design trends, you may find some of the interior design trends that you might have seen in the past as well. Along with several other features, here’s what you may want or find in the luxury interior design trends of 2018.


    • Greenery – it has been a rising trend and has made a spot in 2018 luxury interior design trends particularly the velvet and in the forest green, emerald green and pine green shades. It is also being included in wallpaper patterns and fabric prints just to reconnect with nature.


    • Sage Blooming – A lot of people have been adopting new neutral colours to their bedrooms with use of white beds, trying to keep up with interior design trends of 2018. Half and half painting trick are also being tried out to take the benefit of bold colours without having to feel that you’ve exhausted the space. Sage sofas are a current in trend bring much colour in to a neutral room


    • Black Furniture – It has always been in the interior design trends but as of 2018 luxury interior design trends, it seems to make a huge impact on appearances combined with metals giving a glamorous look to the interior design.


    • Kitchen Furniture – According to few designers, the 2018 luxury interior design trends will break all the kitchen building rules. People are opting out of having cabinets built in kitchens as much needed design overhaul. It’s the new saying, “Time to think outside the kitchen-box.”


    • Art & Antiques – Art and antiques seem to make a way back and straight into the new interior design trends of 2018. One of a kind piece is easily accessible over eBay and can add an elegant and vintage look to your 2018 luxury interior design trends.


    • Lavender – Introduction of lavender is predicted to be the shade of the new interior design trends.



    Above mentioned interior design trends are few of the many that are predicted to occupy the list for the 2018 luxury interior design trends list. You may not want to overlook material, textures and wallpapers which are being used in designing your home. Checked wallpapers or wallpapers with parallel linear texture is a new interior design trend along with wall coverings with natures print on them which were neglected for a long time. You can say the antiques are back with the vengeance. We would highly recommend you to surf the internet to view the top 2018 luxury interior design trends after you are certain of what is it that you exactly want your home to look like. You may find various other amazing and exciting ideas which you’d like to opt for. Your home will be elegant and glamorous if you do things the right way – which is what you want.

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