French Style Bookcases

French Style Bookcases range is a perfect marriage between embellishment of quintessential antique furniture design and purposely stylized fundamental qualities of storage units. Our Country Chic Dressers have an elegant sense of style that magnificently suits traditional interiors. Country Chic Bookcases feature fluted sides, intricate carvings, raised-panel drawers and hand-painted finishes to follow the 18th-century French and Belgian antique styles that were at the centre of their inspiration.French furnishings were highly influential on Europe in the early 18th century and continued to specifically influence England’s style and designs for many years to come. At the beginning of the 18th century, France began to embrace the Rococo style and this took over the previous Baroque style, resulting in an overall softer and gentler look. The dark wood previously used was traded for brighter and lighter wood, which was then paired with a more subtle colour scheme, such as pastels. It embraced all of the extravagant and elegant aspects of the Baroque period, showcasing furniture as a piece of art as well as something functional, but now it was catered less to just royals and opened up the style to all of England. The art of joinery was introduced and the furniture became more like weight than before, and more intricate.Looking at the Bookcases we have in this range, you can see how this history still flows through our modernised take on French Style Bookcases. Elegant and light, made from hand-carved wood, with extravagant embellishments and intricate fanciful detailing, these Bookcases are truly a blend of beauty and functionality. Add elegance, charm and a refined feel to your study, reading room or living area with our selection of French-style bookcases.
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