• Coffee Break With Megan

    Working as a barista for four years has allowed me to taste an abundance of different coffees. I prided myself on my excellent skill in making beautiful and unique Frappuccino recipes, such as my previous favourite, the Biscoff Frappuccino, which boasted the delicious tastes of caramel cookies paired with hints of vanilla and delicious espresso, all topped with whipped cream and crushed up caramel cookies. However, my favourite coffee is not one which I created, but the talents of a small and local coffee shop in my home town.

    Working in coffee shops for any amount of time does tend to bestow upon you a finicky outlook for every coffee you purchase, as you come to know exactly how you like your coffee to be made. As for myself, I prefer my coffee on the sweeter side to overtake the somewhat overwhelming taste of espresso; the coffee I tend to have is rather strong. Depending on the coffee beans used, the espresso can be a little bitter.

    My ultimate favourite and signature ‘go-to’ coffee, I have only ever had in one shop. I have never had one that matches its perfection either before or since. My favourite coffee is a White Chocolate Bueno Iced Latte. White chocolate chips are placed into a beaker before the espresso is poured over, and in turn, melts the chocolate. The cup is accentuated with white chocolate syrup before being filled with ice, hazelnut-flavoured syrup, and then the melted chocolate and espresso mix. Beautifully topped with whipped cream and a Kinder Bueno treat, you have the nicest coffee I have found so far in my 25 years.

    Don’t be afraid to support those small businesses and try something new and unique, it may just become your favourite coffee.

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