Industrial Dining Chairs

Our Industrial Dining Chairs range is perfect for forward-thinking homes. Main features of the range are clean lines, highly functional design and timeless appeal. Our range offers design adaptability and configurations to maximize the free space. In this range you will find our Tolix inspired style chairs. The original Tolix chair was first designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard. After working with zinc for many years, he made a marvellous discovery. When metal is treated with a zinc coating, the metal then becomes safe from the weathering effects of the outdoors, predominantly, rusting. The original design for this chair was made for both outdoor and indoor use, which is why the design includes holes on the seat of the chair, this is for water to run through when the product is used outside. Although our chairs in this range are not intended for outdoor use, we have kept this subtle detailing as an ode to the original design. Tolix chairs have certainly come a long way since 1934, with many different inspired versions being created over the years. Our range provides an abundance of different colours and finishes and is very on-trend for industrial interiors, especially within cafes, restaurants and bars with the ability to neatly stack these chairs away being a key function. Our vintage and retro-inspired chairs are also key items in our industrial dining chair range. To tackle the rising number of students in schools in 1973, and to keep down costs to accommodate all of these new young minds, new designs were created to keep costs low. This resulted in manufacturing chairs made from cheaper materials such as plywood and slimline metal. Our take on this classic design uses the same original material of wood and metal, keeping with the traditional and timeless design of the original chairs. Industrial dining chairs are beautiful pieces that focus on functionality, while also bringing beauty to otherwise understated materials such as metal. Their ease of use makes them perfect for use in spaces such as restaurants, cafes and bars.
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