Amaury Furniture Range

The Amaury Furniture Range is a large and comprehensive rustic-style collection of gorgeous reclaimed pine pieces. Top quality re-cycled wooden furniture with unadorned and weathered looks for environmentally friendly interiors. This collection takes influence from the nineteenth-century homestead which was simple and aimed to have a welcoming and calm living environment. The products from the Amaury fit with many interior designs such as French country, Bohemian, Farmhouse style. Each item exploits the traditions of past craftsmanship and sustainable renewable raw material to allow the organic beauty and character of each piece to stand out. Reclaimed wood exhibits the marks of its unique past for exceptional authentic charm. In addition, these pieces bring warmth and texture to any abode, increasing the homey and peaceful feel. These heavy wood furniture pieces combine simple shapes with different grains and aged casual designs letting the natural elements and imperfections shine. Famous for its longevity and versatility, pine is a fantastic hard-wearing material for furniture thanks to its density and strength, ideal for a long-lasting result. If you intend to be as eco-friendly as possible while having a trendy interior, then this range will meet all your requirements. Thanks to their elegant and timeless appeal, rustic-style items remain extremely popular. Fall in love with our classic yet exclusive Amaury Furniture Range. Browse our collection of rustic-styled furniture: carver chairs, round dining tables, sideboards, console tables, overmantle mirrors and bedside tables, all present unique yet refined features. We are sure you will find the products that enhance and elevate your décor. Whether used in your living room or dining room, you'll find your home graceful, more pleasant and cosier than ever with our stunning Amaury pieces.
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