Contemporary Chests

Our Contemporary Chests selection's delicate metal accents are an eye-catching antithesis to the characteristically rich grain of solid wood. Inspired by postmodern design, the form's daring proportions, unique finishes and clean lines offer a design that is both austere and sophisticated.Postmodern design, put simply, is the exact opposite of modern design. Modern design focuses on the functionality and simplicity of items while postmodern design throws simplicity to the wind, reinventing the borders that modernism had created. Traditional designs were forgotten, and instead, everything became more extravagant in shape and colour. Experimenting with new materials, pieces were created to the likes of which had never been seen. A key example of this was Henry Gehry’s “Contour” Chair, which was built from cardboard.Beginning in the 1970s, contemporary design focused on moving with the times, keeping furniture new and in the ‘now’ with upcoming trends, styles and colours. Postmodernism’s view is to test the boundaries of art and design, while contemporary design is made to consistently stay within those boundaries while it is popular and trending. Welcoming new designs, colours and interesting ideas is something that both contemporary and postmodernist design have in common, but contemporary design stays within the boundaries of popular styles.Both postmodern and contemporary designs are focused on creating pieces of art instead of solely keeping furniture plain and functional, but they do have their differences. While the stylings of postmodernism are unpredictable and wild, contemporary designs do focus on creating a more relaxed and gentler atmosphere within the home.As you browse the range of Contemporary Chests shown below, focus on the interesting textures, materials, and shapes within this range. Make a statement with a stylish and innovative chest of drawers from our Contemporary Chests range, and not only fill your home with furniture but also works of art.
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