• Neutrals and Playful Patterns

    Interior in 2024 is going to be very inviting with new relaxed silhouettes and playful patterns returning, from the statement pieces to the softer side of the design spectrum we are hoping you learn everything you need to know about the interior design trends to make your home the space you can always grow with – even when you fancy a change.

    Browns and Warm Neutrals

    A shift from stark whites and cold grey tones and introducing browns and warm neutrals! We love warmth and this trend will make your interior space a lot cosier and less rigid. Moody earthy tones. Beiges. Rich browns. Creams. Rusts. The perfect nature themed colour palette that can completely change the look of your home. They create a calmer environment whilst still being bright and airy. Layer your style with different tones, textures and patterns amongst the décor such as blankets, tiny table lamps, rugs and art work for versatility. These tones also sit well with natural materials that are continuing on in 2024 like Scandi-inspired designs, paired together makes the ultimate combo of embracing peace and serenity.

    Curves and Edges

    No more straight lines, curves and softer shapes are slowly appearing. You don’t need to commit to curves everywhere in this trend, curves can also be in the small finer detailings across the interior. With furnishings, subtle scalloped details – this can be in the frame of a mirror or an upholstery detail like our Aurora Art Deco Navy Blue Scalloped Ocassional Chair which is known for it’s effortlessly elegant silhoutte. Organic shapes don’t always have to be in the furniture, they can be in different forms like the architecture of the house – softer line of an archway into your living room, hallways and shower entries with beautiful featured tiling. A mix and balance can spicen up your room and make it interesting, our Dael Dark Mango Shelving Unit comes too mind. It naturally pairs curved and straight lines together creating a balanced flow throughout whilst providing practicality.

    Playful Patterns

    Checkerboard is a part of a resurgence in vintage alongside stripes and ruffles, extremely playful patterns/textures you can incorporate into your interior. Add a touch of nostalgia with checkerboard, you could go fo the classic black and white tone for some vintage charm or combine with colour for a more bold look. This pattern can be used through large or small doses – a tiled feature wall, large area rugs or ceramics. Stripes are too a great way to add a unique colourful touch. When we say patterns, you automatically assume bright daring colours? But you can include patterns with muted hues like a soft caramel or olive which is just as authentically pleasing. Ruffles are very whimsical and on trend currently, it’s more of a decoration element which adds texture and layers to your room. It can be through cushions, table linens, curtains or bedding just like our Frill Trim Range for a subtle classy look. Why not pair this texture with a trending pattern for the ultimate statement!

    Quiet Luxury

    A trend of relaxed and casual luxury living, we are definitely all for this. It’s a lean towards comfortable lived in furniture like slouchy sofas rather than a smooth clean look. Simply switching up the hues can help achieve this trend with a calm colour palette such as the warm browns. Sustainable and reclaimed materials are used to create a personal, meaningful setting. Timeless pieces that move house with you and form a sanctuary. A balance of old and new that will last.

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