• New Interior Trends

    Are you ready to enhance and elevate your interior? Are you wondering what are the new trends? Are you looking for inspiration to refurbish your home?

    The new inspiring trends are all about “home sweet home”, combining comfort, textures, sustainability and colours. Self-expression, well-being and authenticity are keys to a stylish décor. Take your notes and be ready for a complete transformation because the current trends are so exciting and promising.

    Light fixtures in natural materials

    Natural beauty is making its groove indoors in the latest light fixtures trends. Going au natural and opting for natural shades is the main feature of modern trends; the whole approach is positive for the planet as they are all about choosing eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as rattan, water hyacinth, sisal and twine to reconnect respectfully with the earth in the most durable way possible. In addition, incorporating natural lampshades will bring warmth, texture and pure serenity to your home, creating a peaceful oasis. Indeed, being eco-friendly is not only a philosophical idea but a way to live, so your interior reflects your involvement in the environment and protection of the ecosystem. This trend is not only about fashion but also the picture of the future. If you want to bring a delightful taste of the outdoors inside your living space, then browse our wide selection of light fixtures made from natural materials.

    La Maison Chic offers a beautiful collection of natural lamp shades made from many organic materials and an inclusive variety of shapes and curves. Whether you are looking for a wall, table or floor lamp our website will fill you with inspiration. Crafted from sustainable twine, the Boho Raffia Twine Globe Pendant Light is a prime example of this concept and is also available as a dome. Both feature unique natural shades and will add a soft and welcoming light to any room.

    Boucle soft furnishing

    Invented in the late 40s by Eero Saarinen, boucle furniture offers the perfect balance between comfort and style. Endlessly trendy, you will find them all over social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest. Offering a soft tactile finish and unique look, they play with both: visual and touch sense, which make them stand out and widely popular. Thanks to their timeless charm, they are trend-immune and lasting investments.

    Why not go for our Veira Boucle Burnt Orange Swivel Occasional Chair With Gold Finish Base? Veira Chair presents unique striation with a mix of loops for spontaneous texture weave. If orange is not your cup of tea, you should look at Owen Boucle Taupe Occasional Chair. Constructed from sturdy wood wrapped in Boucle Taupe fabric, Owen is perfect to bring a modern twist to your home. We guarantee your interior will be super cosy with any of our Boucle items.

    Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    Thanks to their beautiful grain and versatility, you can never go wrong with reclaimed wood pieces. Indeed, they suit any era of design and will never decrease in value. Besides being an attractive eco-friendly choice, their authenticity and one-kind appeal also make reclaimed wood furniture so popular. Are you keen on pine? Our Amaury Furniture Range consists of a wide rustic-style collection of recycled pine pieces with weathered looks for environmentally friendly interiors.

    Modern take on Mid-century pieces

    More popular than ever, the new trends bring a modern twist to the mid-century pieces. Why not explore the mid-century modern style?

    We see these clean lines and classic yet futuristic shapes everywhere. The mid-century modern style is a unique concept referring to contemporary and functional items which recall the designs from the mid-20th century like the Kenzie Mid Century Style Single Drawer Desk. This trend usually features practical constructions made from natural materials such as wood, glass, metal, etc. For a stylish contrast, we recommend pairing contemporary accessories with mid-century pieces of furniture.

    Earth Tone

    We can’t talk about new trends without talking about the tones and colours that accompany them. The latest trends take inspiration from the 70’s environmental movement, so roll out the red carpet for the earth tones. The essence of new trends is embracing a natural lifestyle, reconnecting and respecting the earth. Whether you go for rust colours, brown, pink, orange, red, or yellow, you can’t go wrong with earth tones.

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