French Provincial Furniture

The style of hand crafted furniture inspired by the landscape has captured the minds of so many people. French provincial furniture was originally a rustic, simplified form of the ornate furniture found in French chateaus in the early to mid 18thcentury. Furniture is influenced by the Baroque period, with curved features, carved in wood with natural, floral upholstery.

This Christmas add warm and elegant touch of the French provincial lifestyle to your home. Check out our beautifully designed and hand-rafted French provincial pieces to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle.


    1. Provincial Gavaudun 5ft Bed With Rattan £1519.00 2. Gavaudun Single Armoire £1628.00 3. Gavaudun Bench Double Stool £654.00 4. Gavaudun Dining Chair £326.00 5. Gavaudun Open Bedside £261.00







About French Provincial Furniture

Furniture made in provincial centers such as Blois & Orleans in the Loire valley, and at Lyon or Liege, followed at some distance the design innovations that were initiated in the luxury trades of Paris.

Features associated with French Provincial furniture include scalloped carving. Dining chairs usually have a wheat pattern carving reflecting the culture surroundings of the maker. The ladder back chair with a woven seats are the typical French Provincial dining chairs. Finishes vary though all colours and accumulation of polish or grime in the carving over time resulting in an aged effect on the carving of the furniture piece.