• Mid Century Furniture Trend
    Mid century furniture

    Are you looking for inspiration to decorate your home, and you cannot find the style that best suits your tastes? Today, the beautiful mid-century art design furniture continues to be increasingly popular for the discerning buyer. From the sets of Mad Men’s movie films to the April edition of Elle Decor, you may find that more than half of the featured homes include mid-century furniture pieces. All you can find here on La Maison Chic!

    Modern Mid Century Furniture

    The modernism was an international avant-garde movement that emerged at the end of the century nineteenth and early twentieth century’s and spread to almost all the arts including architecture and design. Framed in an era of industrial development, this artistic trend aimed to innovate in aesthetics, formally, without neglecting the real usefulness of objects. The productive process was united with the artisanal development, in this way the elegance of the elements with the functionality was kept. This work paid off and led to a revolution in structures. Incredible results were achieved by playing with glass, metal, wrought iron or different types of wood, materials in which quality always prevailed.

    Vintage and Mid-Century Style, Living-Eating Space, Inside Adornment

    The brilliant age of this development that was in the mid-twentieth century and thus the name: Mid Century Modern. The completions were considerably more straightforward, without numerous subtle elements, however with high usefulness. Thus, dependably consent to the attributes of frame and capacity. It had an incredible blast in the Scandinavian nations, there was wagering on a mechanical plan, useful and reasonable. (Nordic style) It was a visionary and imaginative style for its opportunity that is as yet substantial today particularly in furniture, where we discover pieces that moved toward becoming symbols of plan.

    Highlights Mid Century Modern

    • Simple, straight and clean types of inconspicuous tastefulness.
    • Elimination of superfluous subtle elements.
    • The structures and structures are appeared, they don’t cover up.
    • Industrial generation components are incorporated into the outline.
    • Nature wins, adjusting lodging to it and utilizing characteristic material components, for example, wood.
    • Fluency and horizontality between the different spaces of the house
    • The decoration with mid-century style emerged in the mid-twentieth century as a reminiscence of modernism.

    The characteristics of this trend are well marked and today we want to invite you to discover them to see how you can take this style to your own home.


    One of the essential characteristics of the mid-century decor style is simplicity. Furniture, decoration and the rest of the elements must be of simple lines, with scarce -and almost nil- the appearance of ornaments or extra elements. The furniture is functional and practical; therefore they do without any unnecessary element.


    In its eagerness to be a style attached to the natural, wood emerges as the base element of mid-century style decoration. It is present mainly in the furniture, respecting its beauty and original colour.

    Geometric Forms

    Geometry is present in much of the mid-century style, whether in the lines of furniture, textiles and tapestry, to wallpaper. They are usually large shapes, which can saturate the space a bit. Be careful to add the right dose.

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