• The History of the Chaise Lounge Bedroom

    Give Stylistic Layout with Chaise Lounge

    In case you’re searching for an approach to sneak in a la mode refinement to your home’s stylistic layout, consider a chaise lounge Bedroom. Regardless of whether you’re furnishing a perusing niche or adding additional seating to your lounge, they’re certain to be a chic adornment that will finish any look. Since it will probably be a speculation piece, make certain to settle on the correct choice when buying by understanding what to search for and choosing what chaise to relax is appropriate for your home.

    It is one of the most elegant and stylish triplets, and also one of the most history. Specially designed for large rooms, its elongated arm and curvilinear shape make it worthy of being the perfect sofa for those who prefer to relax lying on the sofa. And also for those couples who can share the sofa and lie down but independently, each at one end of it. What is the origin of this comfortable and long triplet? Here we tell you;

    Origin of the Chaise Longue

    The origin of the chaise longue is French, it means long chair and is especially linked to the French aristocracy of the late eighteenth century and, specifically, to women. In it, the authors say it was during this century, a time of social and cultural changes without precedents when the woman was gaining prominence and not only in public life but also in the private sphere. One of the furniture that more comfort and rest can guarantee has to do with the legendary chaise lounge, which is a very comfortable armchair that will allow us to raise the feet and rest, having the necessary space for us to do this action, being this Main difference with a common armchair.

    Chaise Longue in Ancient Era

    Normally it looked bad, from the Roman Empire, for women to lay on the sofa and even eat in it as men did. But in the France of the s. XVIII, women decided to imitate men -as they would also do with the subject of snuff- and decided to lie down as a symbol of elegance and class. Buying a chaise longue at this time was not easy, but the man gradually accepted this new position of the woman who even imposed her criteria on the decoration of the home. The chaise longue became fashionable and there was no aristocratic house that did not have its own. Of that chaise longue barely remain for their use, only as objects of decoration. And they have evolved so much that buying a chaise longue is now buying comfort, not just class and elegance.

    Evolution of the Chaise Longue

    The evolution of the chaise longue has been very important over the years and has acquired a comfort at the same time as elegance that still retains today.  The famous chaise longue is actually an upholstered sofa in the form of a chair, which has enough space to stretch the legs, producing a pleasant rest to the body. In America, mainly in the United States, it is wrongly named chaise lounge and this error has persisted for many years, so it is already accepted as part of popular etymology. In France, on the other hand, it is correctly named but it is considered a chaise longue to any chair or armchair that allows stretching the legs to rest.

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