• How to Arrange Your Large Dining Table
    Large Dining Table

    Dining Table – Center Piece of Attraction

    As the bed is the central piece of furniture in the bedroom, the dining table is the major and center piece of attraction in the dining room. If you have a dining table with chairs around it in your dining room, it would be imposing, if not arrested view. A dining table should be treated with all the respect and care and should also have its place in the dining room. Even if you don’t use, it should note be shoved against a wall because a dining table lasts a lifetime.

    Imposing Presence of Dining Table

    A dining table dominates the drawing room with its imposing presence whether you like it or not. So, your dining table is your investment. Try to spend as much money as you can to buy a beautiful dining table which has the quality to attract people from its presence. The more textured and patterned your dining table is, the heavier it looks. While buying a dining table, keep your focus on the ease and comfort of your family, and your guests will ultimately love the results.

    Arrange Table on Your Menu

    Once you buy a beautiful dining table for your dining room, your next task is to learn how to arrange your dining table for your family and guests properly.

    Try to arrange your table setting according to your menu. Keep in mind that what you are serving to your family or guests and just arrange table according to that. Like, if you are serving your main course which includes gravy, you should place separate salad plates on your large dining table. If you are serving bread with butter, then add a butter plate to the table. It entirely depends upon your occasion that whether you want to have a formal table setting or an informal table setting.

    Formal Settings for Dining Table

    Let’s see how you can arrange your large industrial dining table with formal settings.

    A formal table setting includes tablecloth. Place tablecloth on your dining table. A good rule of thumb for any formal table setting is, you should not include more than three utensils at one time on either side of the dinner plate to avoid any clutter.

    The lower edges of your utensils must be aligned with the bottom rim of the plate. There should be minimum of 15”-17” gap between place settings.

    Put your main serving in the center of your large dining table. Place the serving plate in the center of your home setting. A small bread plate should be placed to the left of the service plate. Forks should be placed to the left and with a 1-inch gap from the plate. Knives should be placed to the right of the plate and with a 1-inch gap. Soup spoon or fruit spoon should be placed right to the knives. Finger bowls must be placed on the table at the end of the meal. Water glasses should be arranged approximately 1 inch away from the tip of the dinner knife.

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