• A Guide to Identify Authentic French Furniture

    Authentic French Furniture

    From the past few years, reproduction pieces have flooded the UK market and it has become difficult to identify the authentic French Furniture because it has become very distinctive. The reproductive pieces which are being sold today are poorly made, try to copy the essence of French style and tend to retail at higher prices than originals.

    Quality of French Furniture

    French Furniture has its unique quality, texture craftsmanship and style. Some sellers, today, try to sell their low-quality reproduction pieces believing them to be genuine, but if you know the authenticity of French furniture, the difference is obvious and huge. While buying furniture people are usually inclined towards buying authentic French furniture because it lasts much longer. Buying authentic French furniture is considered as an investment because of the quality it provides.

    Genuine French furniture will always hold its quality and value thus making itself a good choice. If you are willing to buy French furniture, before making any purchase, make sure you know the difference between authentic and reproductive French furniture.

    Qualities of Authentic French Furniture

    An authentic French furniture holds following qualities. Have a look at them before making any purchase for French furniture.

    Furniture Material

    Most antique and vintage French furniture are made of chestnut, oak or cherry wood. If the piece you are buying is stated as being pine, you should checks if the item is particularly painted or not. If the furniture has suspiciously orange colored pine interior, you should be concerned about that because it can be a reproductive piece.

    Furniture Age

    A genuine French furniture shows its age inside and out. Genuine French furniture pieces are usually handmade and you can recognize them with the help of extremely neat craftsmanship. The wood of this kind of furniture usually has an aged appearance, color or quirks. Yes, there are some unscrupulous sellers in the market who try to pass off unauthentic and cheap pine furniture as French furniture.


    Genuine French furniture usually has some beautiful adornments such as detailed handles etc. The handles of French furniture are uniquely different. British furniture usually has screw in hinges but genuine French furniture does not have them. French furniture never contains hinges at all.

    Knockdown Furniture

    Mostly, many of the French furniture like armories are a knockdown. It means that these French furniture pieces are designed in a way that they can be separated into smaller and more manageable pieces thus making them easy to use and transport.

    Round Peg Ends

    Another common symbol of identifying if the piece of furniture is genuine or not is a common round peg end. You may use a torch and look at the areas of furniture where the joints meet. If these small round peg ends are visible then the item is genuine.

    Large Bolt Screws

    French furniture usually has large bolt screws. These large bolt screws are clearly visible at the base and where the cornice meets the slides.

    While buying any French furniture, you should strictly note down all the above-mentioned points so that the seller may know that you have knowledge about the genuine French furniture.

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