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    People are always confused about the look of their home dining table because they come in variety of shapes and sizes. The appearance of the table holds great importance to the aesthetics of your dining room but it is more important that the table fits well in available space and provides enough seating as well as movement to the people.

    When it comes to buying dining table set online in UK, it is essential that you understand its type, size, shape and placement in the dining room. In doing so, you will be able to purchase the right item for your dining room. For instance, your dining table must allow for the number of seats you wish to accommodate as well as it leaves enough room for the guests to walk around.

    Typically, a good looking dining table must be 36 inches wide so that there is sufficient space for food. The basic rule of thumb is, as the length of the table increases, the width also increases. However, you must consider following factors in order to buy the right table for your dining room.

    Measurement (Table to Wall)

    Don’t place your table exactly close to wall as it will not allow comfortable movement for guests. You should measure the space around your room and leave at least 42-48’’ between the walls and tables so that it becomes easy for the diners to sit down and get up from their seats.

    Measurement (Table to Furniture)

    The above formula of measuring space will not work if you already have a lot of furniture in your room. Make sure you begin your measurements (42-48’’) from the edge of the furniture instead of walls.


    In order to make the seating comfortable and obstruction-free, the instructions of manufacturers should be followed. The number of diners should only be accommodated as per what is instructed by the manufacturer so as to allow comfortable seating without elbow-touching while eating. According to the standard, every single person needs a 2 feet of eating space to dine comfortably.

    Shape and Size

    When it comes to buying the right table with respect to shape and size, the recommendation is to buy a round table for small spaces. Round tables don’t have sharp corners and they can easily fit in tight spaces. Maximum number of people can be accommodated as round tables have no corners. Many prefer buying online pedestal dining room tables as they offer more legroom and allow easy movement.

    On the other hand, round tables are not meant for large gatherings as they make it difficult for large number of people to reach food. In such case, rectangular or square tables are best recommended but they are not meant for small and tight spaces.

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