• Vintage Chesterfields Sofa Buying Guide
    Vintage Chesterfields Sofa Buying Guide

    Vintage Chesterfields Sofa

    A Vintage Chesterfields Sofa is something available in dark leather with rolled arms and a lot amount of intricate detailing. It is usually positioned next to a roaring fire or take pride of place in the center of a grand living room. These Chesterfield Sofas are British Classics and have part of those houses who are well-known for creating a well-known decor in their homes for almost hundreds of years. The reputation these sofas enjoy in many of the homes is well-deserved because of their sophisticated colors, elegant theme, and long lasting materials.

    Quality of Vintage Chesterfields

    With the reputation for the class of these Vintage Chesterfields sofas also comes reputation for quality. The quality Chesterfields which are known among all are usually handmade with finest leather, wood, texture and fabric. This high standard of Chesterfield is very much alive in the furniture industry today. But unfortunately, with the increase in the mass-produced furniture which has saturated the market in great amount, there have been an increasing number of sofas that look like Chesterfields but highly lack the premium materials and superior craftsmanship which a genuine Chesterfield sofa holds.

    At first, these cheap Vintage Chesterfields-like piece may seem of good quality and may also look identical but if your pay some attention by looking closer to the sofas, you will ultimately begin to see a huge amount of differences that set them worlds apart. If you, unfortunately, buy poor quality Chesterfield Sofa, you will become aware of the poor craftsmanship and the other deficiencies with a passage of time.

    In order to help you in making a right and informed decision, here are some points listed down that will guide you to spotting a quality Chesterfield Sofa. For making sure that your new sofa will meet the highest standards that you expect from a piece of Chesterfield, pay attention to these points.

    Pay attention to the leather fabric

    The vast majority of differences will lie under the leather fabric. So carefully judge the fabric to identify real Chesterfield Sofa. Some mass-produced furniture companies while producing cheaper Vintage Leather Sofa cut corners with raw materials and thus offer cheap prices.

     Look closely at the frame

    A frame is the Skeleton and most important part of the Chesterfield sofa. A good quality Chesterfield sofa or Armchairs will consist of seasoned beech hardwood frame with chunkier rails to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Beech hardwood provides solidity for a lifetime use and is chosen for its straight grain. Thus, the genuine Chesterfield will be made up of the frame that is long lasting and can serve for many years of life.

    See the cushion filling

    Most of the Chesterfield Sofas contain cushion filling made up of foam for ample use and maximum comfort. The padding over the frame used is a combination of different densities which ensures soft outer feel so that the frame will never be detectable while sitting. Chesterfield sofas usually make substantial use of other fillings like polyester fiber and feathers.

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