• The Return Trend of Mid-Century Furniture

    The term return trend of Mid-Century Furniture is used for the appreciation and affection of the furniture from mid 1900’s from people, companies and museums from across the globe. The furniture which was long forgotten has found its way back in to the modern age. It is being praised and adored by various designers. It is being considered elegant to have it in your house or office and its style is recognised by scholars, artists and designers. Another term used to refer to this specific trend is Random House furniture.

    Art Nouveau Furniture

    The Art Nouveau Furniture from the days of WWI which was elegant has also found its way back in the modern age. It is polished and varnished very carefully. It also happens to be fine finished. Due to all the aspects it is comparatively expensive.
    The Art Nouveau Armchairs and Art Nouveau Sofas are some fine examples of the Art Nouveau Furniture. These are crafted out of pure wood. These happen to be in curve shapes which are considered as essential and continental piece of work. These fall into the expensive furniture art listings.
    Luxury veneers are used in the process of crafting these elegant pieces of furniture. The curves in the frame of The Art Nouveau Armchair and The Art Nouveau Sofas in the modern age are re-interpreted from the early 1900s. These features are more elaborate and are added in decorative motifs

    Art Deco Furniture

    The Art Deco Furniture is linked to the early 1900’s. Art Deco Furniture is recalled for its unique style and appeal. Chrome and other plastic works can be seen on the Art Deco Furniture. Art Deco Furniture has also found its way back in 21st century. It can often be seen that the trend of Velvet Armchairs and Velvet Sofas are growing. These along with armchairs decorated in rather unique colours, for e.g. pink armchair and mustard armchair fall under the category of Art Deco Furniture. These Pink Armchairs along with Mustard Armchairs are liked by a lot of celebrities and often appears on TV shoes of modern age for the elegance they portray. The trend of round and soft edges in contemporary sofas and contemporary armchair has also found its way into the modern age furniture. It is preferred over the stark edge furniture and is recommended to bring out the best out of your home.

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