• Latest 2018 Interior Design for Living Room

    Home is where the heart is. And the living room perhaps is the heart of any home. The way you design your living room reflects on what kind of homeowner you are. Modern living room ideas can be bamboozling. It isn’t easy to tell whether you are getting sound interior design advice or not. Here are a few living room décor ideas that you can trust. For a chic interior design, calls for a classy living room. Here are some of the latest interior designs for living room, which are in tandem with the current trends, and they are not going away any soon, so if you are looking for a design with longevity, then look no further.

    Living Room Furniture

    Bold fabric and colour choices for living room interior have been in vogue for the past couple of years. Velvet is the way to go in 2018. Velvet sofas or linen upholstered armchairs ooze with warmth and cosiness which are qualities that your living room needs. If the latest interior design is what you are aiming at, you should definitely consider rustic wooden furniture that pops into view. Examples of beautiful reclaimed wooden bookcases & wooden sideboards offer great warmth to a living room and are very much an in interior trend at the moment.

    Compact living is on the rise, and multifunctional furniture has come to the limelight. If you are planning the interior of a studio apartment, or another similar accommodation, fluid spaces deserve to be looked into. Sofa which can be moved around, folded, expanded and converted into a dining table hits all the sweet spots. It is surprising how smart, smart furniture has gotten these past few years, and this is high time to make use of that.


    Organic colours are definitely on the rise. Grainy paint choices are indeed risky, but with the right planning, imagination, and planning you can pull it off! Other than that, it is relieving that grey is still the go-to neutral colour for a cosy living room. However, neutrals are having a down phase. The latest trends call for popping colours instead. Some home designers have actually picked up the use of bold clashing shades to give their living rooms bold and bodacious looks.

    Decorating the walls is a matter of personal taste, and if you have an eye for the right designs, you really can’t go wrong with anything. But as with bedroom design, living room design trends are also counting on the use of plants to add a splash of green. Use it aggressively, or with minimalism in mind, indoor plants are a safe bet.

    The Something-Extra

    Let’s face it, its 2018 and interior design, especially living room décor ideas have never been so aggressive. You can’t just play by the rules and call it a day! Take the next step. Do something extra, edgy and eye-catching to make your design really stand out. Whether you are thinking about a carpet that makes a statement, or an unorthodox furniture piece, you are on track. It is time to flex your creativity muscles and take a massive step in adding some character to your living room, something that works as an identity mark, that reflects on the design: you!


    Though minimalism has taken the world by storm, the living room is the part of the house always bustling with activity. It has to feel lived-in and cosy. Here are a few living room design ideas that are a safe bet for are today and for tomorrow.

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