• Hints and Tips: Shabby Chic Dressing Table Stools
    Shabby Chic Dressing Table Stools

    Shabby Chic Dressing Table Stools

    Whenever we get ready in the morning or prepare ourselves for a special evening, shabby chic dressing table stools are always the first assistance and are turned out to be our best friend. When we are busy in making up ourselves on dressing table, we don’t realize that dressing stools are the essential part of the process. This is the reason dressing table without a dressing table stool is incomplete and every home should have one set.

    When it comes to applying makeup, it is very important to sit comfortably and this is not possible if you don’t have a comfortable and durable dressing table stool. However, when it comes to the selection of shabby chic dressing table stools, make sure you know different types to buy the right piece for your dressing table.

    Stool with studs

    These stools are known for their comfort. They are buttoned stools and are extremely dashing in appearance. When you have a comfortable and stylish seating on your dressing table, the ‘getting pretty’ process becomes convenient and easy. They are fantastically finished and stools with studs are the finest piece you can consider to buy.


    Antique stools are simply fantastic. They are simple, have curved legs and are finished with classical details. If you buy antique stools and put it in your bedroom, the room can surely become fantastic to look. With an antique stool, it is a fantastic idea to match an embellished mirror and white wooden table.


    When it comes to beautiful styles, vanity stools are the best choice among the lot. Other than giving your dressing table, an elegant look, these vanity stools are comfortable as well. Not only this, these vanity stools are fits fantastically well in small bedrooms as they are space-saving solution.

    If you select vanity stool for your dressing table, you can have a lot of choices as they come in variety of models. For instance, a swivel vanity stool is famous for its matching capability with different types of bedrooms layouts. On the other hand, skirted version stools have their own presence and they are also interesting & classy.


    If your bedroom has lack of decorative appearance, it needs modern and sleek touch. Metal stools are fantastically for your bedroom if you want it to give a modern and catchy look. The legs of metal stools are silvery & shiny and they present a fashionable look. The top of the stool is also not overly feminine and this is the reason, you can make your master bedroom look modern and fantastic.

    However, knowing the above types can help you buy the right stool for your dressing table. If you are planning to buy one, make sure you buy it from La Maison Chic as it is the best online store of furniture of all types.

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