• How to Decorate Home With Mirrored Furniture
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    Decorate Home With Mirrored Furniture

    The mirrors are decorative elements that originated in ancient times. Symbols of beauty and magic by their reflection have conquered the soul of humble and vain alike. They were created as exempt elements, conditioned by their craftsmanship and over time were varying their size and shape thanks to industrial development, extending their applications and revolutionizing the world of interior design today.

    Ordered Composition

     The mirror propagates the natural light that comes from the living room. It is a necessary element for space without windows; it will make it appear wider. Is any measure worth? There is nothing established, although the medium and large format is the most common. It also depends on the type of furniture you choose.

    Mirror with Metallic Frame

    It is a different model, circular and with a wide frame and gold, focus attention in this environment. Such a design is irresistible and enhances any space; Think about it if you have walls at home with little interest. The gold finishes, or in other metals, offers infinite nuances, depending on the incidence of light. In contrast to the black console – a risky decision – they form a duo with character and decorative value.

    Vertical Balance

    A composition formed by several mirrors, which divides the reflected image, is a good idea to dynamize the decorating home with mirrored furniture. In this case, we chose horizontal models, identical, perfectly aligned and with a minimum separation between them. Arranged in a zigzag they transmit the sensation of movement. There are many possibilities, combining models of various measures and, although the classic bet is to hang only one, it is worth studying other alternatives. The surprise factor enriches the decor. I

    Mirrors in Pairs

    Make yours an infallible resource used by the experts: the decoration in pairs, with what purpose? The one to create a sense of order and harmony, this duo makes the room a more balanced atmosphere, but also, because of its proximity to the windows, are key elements to enhance natural light. The design of the mirror can be according to the decoration or in marked contrast, but always to your total liking because it will occupy a prominent place in the living room, which you will see daily.

    The Mirror on a Sliding Panel

    A maxi mirror becomes a key piece in the layout of this house and is as important as any other wall. Fixed on a panel, divide or communicate spaces according to needs. The blade slides through a roof-mounted guide. Look at the optical effect it creates, doubles the dining area as it extends the carpet floor and ceiling.

    Mirrors Facing

    With a closet of white paneling and mirror from floor to ceiling, in this dressing room, adjoining a bedroom, light is achieved in abundance and feeling of space. The mirror reflects the front of the sink and, to the right, the door that leads to the toilet and shower. The composition of mirrors that covers the whole cabinet, plus the two of the sink, multiply the depth of this space. With a cabinet finished in lacquer, wood or translucent glass would not have achieved the same effect of amplitude and luminosity.

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