• Decorate your home with French Provincial Furniture

    Oh la la, the French and their style is second to none. They are elegant, chic, and very sophisticated, and that glamour transmits it to everything they do, including their home. If you are thinking of changing the decoration of your house, we advise you to take a look at the charm style. In this article, we show you some of the most important keys to French provincial furniture styles.

    If we want to create environments of Provincial style we must pay close attention to the furniture we choose and the material and finishes we want to give them. For French furniture styles the type of furniture will be basic, but with an old point: comfortable, desks, bookstores, consoles, tables. Antique and heavy furniture will lighten making the most of the brightness of the rooms, using light shades and colorful upholstery.

    When talking about materials wood is, without a doubt, a safe bet. The wooden furniture, better if they are handcrafted and old is fundamental when furnishing a house with the French country style. One of the most fashionable options today is to varnish them blank or even gives them a cracked finish, that of a greater vintage and artisan feel.  Discover a corner full of Provincial charm: old wooden furniture that has been restored light shades everywhere and a vase with wild flowers is the best.

    The whicker is a synonym of rural, rural and artisan products. That is why we cannot fail to introduce some element of wicker when furnishing a room in Provincial style. In many kitchens, for example, wooden chairs are replaced around the dining room table by wicker seating. But not always its presence must be so marked and we can use small decorative elements, as in the photograph that we show. In the design of this bedroom, where pickled wood and earth tones predominate, a wicker basket has been placed at the foot of the bed, like the old trunks. By the way, if we have an old trunk of the grandmother at home we can recover it, it is a detail of Provincial decoration that will not go unnoticed.

    As we have said, the Provincial style is actually the rustic style of a very specific area of ​​France, so many of the elements that we find in this type of environments are common with those of rural decor. However, the spaces decorated in Provincial style are more colorful, cheerful and bright and this is the main difference with the rustic style.

    The furniture may be similar, but the finishes vary. The forge and the metal is a very typical material of the rustic style, but we can turn it into Provincial style adding a note of color. In this bedroom, with clear rural influence, the classic head of bed forging has been painted wine. Also, the bedspread reproduces floral motifs and there is no missing lavender purple note from the cushions on the bed.  Decoration is a mixture of the old and the new, from the traditional to the modern, and that’s why we decipher the secrets of the French furniture. For French furniture styles use the details that we mentioned above!

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