• Chaise Lounge- Past Present and Future
    Chaise lounge

    About Chaise Lounge:

    The chaise lounge is a word from the French language which literally means long chair, hence these are a piece of the chair which is specially designed with distinct outlook and purpose. It is mostly used as a reclining chair for relaxation mainly. It has three main types which are given as under:

    1. Duchesse brisee: It consists of two parts including the chair and the footrest. The word duchesse brisee itself means broken Duchess which fits well with the outlook of the chair i.e. two separate parts.
    2. Recaimer: It has two raised ends in between is a long resting side. It was named after Madame Recamier who posed on this lounge for the first time to portrait her.
    3. Meridienne: it has a high headrest and lower footrest and it’s a symbol of the middle of the day when the sun is near the meridian. Hence symbolizing as a peace of furniture for resting in the day.


    Ancient Egyptian Era:

    The exact origin of making chaise lounge is not known. However, it is thought that the idea of making chaise lounge originated in Egypt when they were made from palm sticks and cord or raw height. At that time some modifications were done like using mortis-and-tenon construction, ivory or ebony as a main skeleton of the chair.

    Greek Era:

    The paintings and sculptures of the ancient Greeks also reflect that the chaise lounge was considered in that era for providing lounging of god and goddesses in these kinds of chairs. As it reflected the idea of a party with music and conversation because they use the term Kline similar to chaise lounge which itself means a day bed. Hence reflecting the use of chaise lounge in Greek era i-e as early as 8th century BC.

    Roman Era:

     An altered form of chaise lounge was also used by Romans which they named as Accubatio which means the act of reclining during a meal. These lounges were made comfortable with pillows, loose covers and animal’s skins. In the Victorian era, it was considered very useful for the expecting females but due to the advent of more ways of birth control, it became less fashionable. Other names for chaise lounge to Romans were lactus and comissatio.

    Modern Era:

    These chaise lounge chairs started gaining popularity in France in the 16th century. As it was used by Aristocrats more often for rest. In the 1800s during the rococo period, it became the symbol of social status where such crafts were designed and decorated from the rear and expensive furniture material. Today this furniture item is a symbol of luxury and novelty for a modern home almost everywhere around the world. They are being used in bedrooms, sun-rooms, reading room, gardens, hotels, or outdoors.

    The most popular chaise lounge type chair used around the world and gained popularity is the meri diene style as it is comfortable and safe to lean back without having a fear of falling at your back. Their main feature is that they are asymmetrical that can be an elegant edition to a modern home where you can choose a style, décor, colour scheme and even the shape of your chair according to your choice.


    Chaise lounge are simple and easy to manage furniture item which not only is a valuable addition to a modern home but also upgrades the décor of a place where they are kept hence making the area all the more attractive and comfortable therefore it is always a good idea to think about having a chaise lounges in modern buildings to give them an extra luxurious style.

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