• Give your Living Room Right Design Furniture

    When it comes to remodel an existing living room or the rearrangement of furniture you already have, it is very important to have a strategy so as to design your living room in an effective way. Being a novice in interior designing, you cannot just roll your Arm Chair or Sofa here and there. Even your well-designed pieces of living room furniture can look worse if they are placed unplanned.

    However, before you start with the living room furniture, make sure you consider the following;

    Planning is important

    When arranging furniture in living room, strategic planning is important. According to experts, the way of spending time in a living room should be analyzed so that you can prioritize your furniture to be placed. Make sure you plan about the following things;

    • Traffic and conversation flow
    • Entrance of room
    • Movement between chairs
    • Location of sofa

    According to interior designing experts, the movement in the living room must be made easy so that one can easily walk in and out of the room. Moreover, leaving too much space between seating can interrupt the flow of conversation.

    Arrangement & Rearrangement

    When it comes to arranging furniture, it can depend upon individual preferences. However, in order to get a clear picture, it is better to go with a scaled drawing so as to identify how your existing furniture fits to space. It is sometimes better to rearrange furniture on paper other than to physically move it. On the other hand, you can try carrying things which are easy to lift and move them in different places of the room in order to check different view.

    For arranging your furniture, following things must be kept in mind;

    • It is recommended by experts to keep around 18 inches distance between upholstery and French coffee table.
    • At least 2 to 4 feet of walking space should be available in the main pathway.
    • Symmetry style of arranging furniture is always recommended by experts.

    Proper scaling helps

    Try having furniture such as Chaise Lounge, Sofa and modern Armchairs for living room etc in correct size because furniture size is an important factor and it greatly impacts the look and feel of the room. Make sure you know the scaling of your room because it is not necessary that large-sized furniture which looks great on showroom will look same in your small-sized room.

    In addition, it is also important that you buy French furniture which is comfortable and looks great too. La Maison Chic is one of the leading stores which has a wide variety of French furniture of every style.

    How to buy furniture?

    As it is mentioned earlier, you can buy fantastic French furniture for your new living room from La Maison Chic as it is the best online store and offers fantastic price.

    However, you need to be careful when buying furniture for your living room. The very first selection should be of Sofa because it is supposed to be the largest piece in the room. Experts say that the moderate size of sofa is fantastic because it can also be used in different places in the house.

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