• A buyer’s guide to buy French Tables and Desks

    When it comes to French tables and desks, there is a wide variety but most of them are of same characteristics. Tables and desks commonly have flat surface and legs are used to hold that surface up horizontally. Talking about furniture, tables or desks are one of the oldest furniture in the world and are used with high fondness. Today, antique tables belong to France, Greece, Egypt and Rome.

    If you look for antique French tables and desks, there are many online stores you can buy them from but La Maison Chic is the only online store of French furniture which offers a wide variety of furniture including antique tables, sofa, Chaise Lounge, Armchairs and a lot more at affordable prices. However, if you are a novice in buying antique French furniture, following is a complete guide for you.

    What elements make French tables and desks valuable?

    If you are a new buyer of French furniture and have no information on buying an antique piece, you should consider all the below principles;

    Consider age of furniture

    When it comes to buying French furniture, considering age of furniture is important. There are many opinions through which the age of furniture can be judged. According to many antique stores in Europe, anything more than 50 years is considered antique. Many other high-end antique dealers describe antique, a 150 year old thing.

    However, when it comes to French furniture, there are different eras and every era has its own style of furniture. If you are choosing French furniture for your home, you are making the right decision because the more old French furniture, the more stylish it is.

    Condition of the furniture

    It is very important to know the condition of the furniture before you buy it. According to the furniture experts, the 25% value of the furniture is just because of its condition or its originality. The better the furniture looks, higher it is in value. On the other hand, if French tables and desks have cracks, discoloration, chips or missing parts, their value is decreased.


    Rarity refers to the uniqueness of French tables and desks which are more valuable than any other mass-produced furniture. In the older eras of French furniture, the most popular furniture was meant to be the one which was handmade and the result of immense efforts of skilled craftsmen. When it comes to tables and desks, you should go for French furniture as it has the longest history of handmade furniture and skilled crafting.


    If you are making up your mind for French tables and desks, it has been and is still a desirable item. However, it is relevant to check whether an item is demanded in the market or it has lost its value. The more the furniture is desirable, the more valuable it is.

    However, considering the above before buying the furniture can help you buy the most valuable and right piece.



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