• Furniture arranging tricks to make your home feel instantly bigger!

    It is not less than a challenge to setup furniture in an empty room because an empty room is just like a blank paper or canvas. There are so many ways to fill in the room with furniture and that is why people are often confused where to start. According to the experts of interior designing, home decoration is a recognized art and a good calculation of the space needs and taste of the host is required.

    When it comes to French furniture, La Maison Chic is a prominent name and stays ahead of competition. La Maison Chic does not only provide a fantastic collection of crafted French furniture such as French Armchairs or French Sofa Chairs but it also employs interior design experts who put forward following basic rules for furniture arrangement.

    Planning is important


    Before moving any furniture, it is very helpful to test your design on paper. Once you decide to test the design, there are many things you have to do. You need to measure the dimensions of the room and identify the location of doors, windows & electrical out let’s in order to draw a floor plan on graph paper. In the modern world, experts use digital room planner to test various furniture configurations on drawn space.

    Consider the functionality


    Before arranging beautiful French Armchairs or comfortable Chaise Longue Bedroom, you need to consider the functionality of the room. Once you are clear with how your room is going to be used and how many people will use it, it will become easy to know the amount of seating required and furnishings need for it.

    Find the focal points of the room


    It is very important to identify the focal points of the room such as fireplace, television, view etc. These crucial points will help you arrange your furniture in a professional manner.

    Think about your priority


    You have to make preferences and place the large furniture first. For instance, if you have fantastic French sofa chairs for your living room, arrange them first and then move to the small furniture. Experts say that pushing all the furniture against the wall is a bad practice and it makes beautiful furniture look unimportant.

    Don’t ignore the traffic flow


    You need to be very careful about the flow of traffic through the room while arranging your furniture. Make sure you don’t block the path between the doorways with large piece of furniture.

    Develop ease of use?


    Developing ease of use throughout your home is a fantastic practice. For instance, if you have seating arrangement in your bedroom, make sure you place a table within easy reach of every seat.

    However, La Maison Chic is the only online store which has the largest collection of French furniture of every style. The store will help you find the best style for your home as well as will let you arrange in a professional and spacious way.

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