• Finding Your Perfect Dining Table
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    Looking to maximise the space of your dining room/area, but unsure on how big of a table you need to fit enough people around it? Here at La Maison Chic, we stock various sizes of round and rectangular tables, so in order to help with your decision to purchase, we have made a guide of sizing.

    When it comes to choosing the right sized table, the best way to decide would be to think “what would be the maximum number of guests I would need to seat?”

    The first thing to consider would of course be the size of the dining area. Second, would be the width of the chairs you would be looking to put around the table – as the difference between having a slim chair and a particularly wide chair will result in the ability of having an extra seat around the table or not.

    For example, our Fleur dining chairs are considered more of a wide chair compared to our Metropole Amaury dining chairs. Which means if you were looking to buy a 120cm dining table for your dining area, you are more likely to get an extra Metropole chair around the table compared to a Fleur chair. In this example case, we would recommend 3 of the wider chairs and 4 of the narrower chairs.


    Naturally, everyone will have different sized spaces in which to fill with a dining table. So below, we have included a table of examples.

    Narrow Wide
    ~50cm ~60cm
    Diameter (cm) 70 Bistro table, 2-3 bar style chairs/stools
    100 3 2
    110 4 3
    120 4 3
    130 5 4
    140 5 4
    150 6 4
    160 6-7 5
    170 7-9 6








    If you are looking for a rectangular table, such as the recycled elm table shown here, please find our recommendation for the length of tables we currently stock.

    Length (CM) Seats
    180 4-6
    200 6
    220 6-8
    240 8
    260 10
    280 12
    300 10

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