• Perfect Height For Bar Stools

    Whether you’re wanting to sit at your kitchen island to chat over the local newspaper, or for your customers to eat snacks and drink coffee at your bar café, comfort would be one of the first points you would be considering. One major factor that affects the comfort is the height of the bar stool.

    Bar tops, tables and counter tops all range in height and require different sized bar stools to accommodate most, if not all of the people wanting to sit at them.

    La Maison Chic stock a variety of different height, style and finish of bar stools and we are here to help find the perfect fit for your space.

    The common height for most kitchen islands and counters is between 89 cm and 94 cm. Our recommended height for stools to accommodate a comfortable seat is between 58 cm and 72 cm. A perfect match for your rustic, farmhouse style kitchen would be our Tractor Seat Bar Stool, here.

    Wanting to find the finishing touches to your new cocktail or gin bar before the grand opening? Looking to find the perfect art-deco style bar stool to bring in high end clients? The average height of a bar top is between 104 cm and 109 cm. The recommended height for the perfect bar stool is between 74 cm and 82 cm. Our Velvet Turquoise Barstool may be just what you are looking for.

    What if you have an industrial styled pub or bar and would like the customers who are sitting and standing to interact at a similar height? We have a large array of these styled stools which may be the right fit for your establishment. For example, our Jacobus tan leather bar stool may be the perfect accompaniment for your wooden or copper bar top.

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