• How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table?
    dining room table

    The appearance of a perfect dining table for your home is very important but it is more important that the one you choose fits your space and provides enough seating so that it can be utilized fully. The table has to allow the maximum number of diners you want to accommodate comfortably. But it is also very relevant that the table should also allow enough space for people to walk around. The standard table has the width around 36 inches so that there is enough space for food setting.

    When it comes to typical table measurement, you need to understand that once the length increases, the width of the table top also increases. However, following are some of the ways which help in selecting the right table for your dining room;

    Table to Wall Measurement

    For the right table placement, it is very important to measure the space around the dining room. The diners should be allowed easy seating and getting up from their seats and this can only be possible if almost 42 to 48 inches distance if left from the table and the wall.

    Table to Furniture Measurement

    The same rules apply here when it comes to table to furniture measurement. If your dining room has sufficient other furniture, you need to keep the rule of 42-48 inches distance between the dining table and furniture.

    Avoid Overcrowding

    You need to check with the manufacturer of the table recommending the number of people for comfortable seating and eating without elbow touching with each other. People should be given 2 feet of eating space while dining on the table because this can be extremely useful in occasions as you can manage the table for extra seating in it.

    Small Spaces Require Round Tables

    Very first advantage of round tables is that they are corner less and they can be placed in tight spaces. Round tables also do not have sharp corners to bump into and this is the reason more people can be accommodated to it. Pedestal tables are however more better because they offer more legroom.

    Long Rooms Can Accommodate Rectangular Table

    Traffic flow in the room can smoothly be managed if a room is of a long-narrow shape. However, most tables have increased width with the increase of length.

    Square Tables Are for Square Rooms

    If a dining room is of square shape, a square shaped table is best to go for. With a square room, a square table can make for a more fantastic dining experience because diners are at equal distance apart. However, bigger square tables don’t allow easy access to food and this is the reason you should be careful about your seating while hunting for the perfect table.

    Where go for Shopping Online

    Hence, for the right table, make sure you know all the details stated above. Contact La Maison Chic for buying the perfect French style dining table of your choice at affordable rates.

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