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    Modern Coffee Table

    The selection of a modern coffee table can be tricky for you unless you have complete information about it. You should learn the typical needs and options required to know buying the right modern coffee table for your home. Coffee table is an important piece of furniture in any home and if you have a coffee table, the overall decoration theme of the room can be changed.

    However, when it comes to selecting the right coffee table, make sure you know the following things;

    Use of Right Modern Coffee Table

    You need to know the use of the table so as to buy the perfect piece. You must know few things such as;

    • What will the table be used for?
    • Will it have extra storage?
    • Do you require extra seating in your table?
    • Do you need it as an additional piece of furniture or want it for multi-tasking?

    Space for Table Required

    You must know the exact available space in your home/room before you buy the table. Does the place have enough space for your table or is it already crowded with other furniture?

    Element of Table Decoration

    What do you expect from your table aesthetically? Do you want your table to be the star of your room or want it to accompany the other pieces of furniture? Do you want it to match with the entire setting of your room?


    Are you buying a coffee table so as to move it around for entertaining or just place it in your room for working? You must consider its portability, its weight and even casters.   

    Other Accessories

    Make sure you know the exact height of your sofa and chairs that are going to accompany your table. You do not want your table to go beyond the height of other accessories in the place such as sofa, chairs etc.


    You must not forget the storage capacity of your table. If you want storage, make sure you consider a spacious shelf underneath so that you can store a couple of books, remotes etc.

    Type of Coffee Table

    Make sure you select the right type of table according to the needs of your living space. For instance, if you have kids in your home, you must not be buying a wooden table because kids are known for plopping down sweaty drinks without coasters and such practice leave rings on wooden furniture.

    Style Coffee Table

    When buying a coffee table, you must not overlook the style of the table. There are many styles of tables and you must buy according to the requirement and specifications of your existing furniture. Different styles of coffee tables include sleek and modern, Danish modern, Shabby Chic or Traditional. The material of the table such as plain or texture can also be one of important considerations.

    However, whatever table you choose for your living space , room or anywhere in your home, make sure you consider the above points. La Maison Chic is an online store of furniture of all type especially Shabby Chic French furniture and it offers fantastic and cheap prices for quality items.

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