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    A mirror is absolutely an important item in your bathroom which provides you practical application as well as a stylish feature. Almost, every bathroom contains a mirror and if any bathroom does not have, it is really uncommon. When it comes to the selection of mirrors, there are many styles including Venetian mirror, Vanity mirrors, Frameless mirrors and Pivot mirrors.

    Whoever wants to buy mirrors which can suit particular themes, they can buy it and take advantage of decorating bathrooms. When selecting mirrors, it is important to identify the styles of mirrors as well as the size of the mirror. It is also important to consider whether the mirror has to be permanently fixed because the installation method affects the decision.

    When it comes to types of mirrors, Venetian is one of the best styles of mirrors. Venetian is a type of mirror which has designs etched into the glass. You can buy a Venetian mirror which has ornate frame and it looks great in bathrooms. However, if you are new to buying mirrors, it is important that you should consider the following things for buying one.

    Room Style

    If you want to create a nice look, it is significant to consider the style of the bathroom so as to match it with the style of the mirror. A mirror is said to be the focal point of the bathroom and this is the reason, buyers must consider buying an interesting frame or etched glass. Multiple mirrors can also be selected if the number of sinks is more than one in a bathroom.

    Size and Shape

    Selecting the right size of the mirror is one of the important factors of buying a mirror. Large mirrors are always fantastic and present fabulous look but the size of the bathroom is also a factor to consider. When it comes to the height of the mirror, it has to be limited by the height of the bathroom counters.

    Coming to the shapes of the mirror, they are available in square, rectangle, circle and oval in general. When it comes to buy the right shape of the mirror, the space of the mirror must be measured properly before buying. Generally, mirrors look larger when they are installed, therefore, proper and adequate measurements must be made.


    Considering the functionality of the mirror is one of the important parts of buying process. For instance, ladies always want additional or supported lighting in the bathroom when it comes to putting on makeup. On the other hand, mirrors can also be installed with the provision of a cabinet which can make the mirror more useful.

    It is also very important to consider buying a safety glass when looking for a mirror. Safety glass mirrors are extremely helpful in places where there are a good number of children because safety glass does not allow the mirror to break into pieces or shatter in case of any event.

    Hence, above considerations can seriously assist you in buying the right Venetian Mirror. If you are looking for a mirror online, connect to La Maison Chic as it is the best and leading online store for French furniture and accessories.

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