• Ideas to Decorate your Bedroom with French Furniture
    bedroom with French furniture

    Undoubtedly, French furniture has a long and appreciating history. If you are a furniture lover, you cannot ignore the essence of beauty, elegance and feel of French furniture. However, if you are new in interior designing and know nothing about it, you should go through the following information which is also of great importance for the people who wants to know about decorating bedroom with French furniture.

    French Country Style

    French Furniture style other than that of Provence is called County Style and possesses a very successful history. When it comes to French Country Furniture Style, it is feminine, colorful, welcoming and casual. The use of cheerful colors, patterns and materials in Country Style show the old-world sensibility. The country furniture is also influenced from various older eras of French furniture as well as contemporary trends.

    However, when it comes to furniture, French furniture never goes out of fashion and widely used in the world. If you are buying French furniture to decorate your bedroom, nothing can be better than this. However, as a novice, you should know the following ideas to decorate your bedroom so that you can make the most of your furniture.

    Color Schemes

    When it comes to French country decoration palette, it includes shade of pastel armed with vibrant accents. A fantastic chalky shade of creamy white, yellow, orange and red is normally used which is set off by bright shade of burgundy, gold and black in normal. Taking benefit from natural colors, French Country Style Furniture has always maintained its credibility.

    Bedding and Fabric

    When it is about French country bedding, it is comfortable, inviting and diverse in style. Different types of fabric are used on bedding with a wide variety of prominent pillows. White sheets are commonly used shaded with French country motifs. However, when it comes to motifs, toile, paisley and florals are popular. There are many examples of French bedroom furniture style especially the one which uses floral accent pillows and match comforter set in bedding.


    The diverse range of French country style furniture includes unique decorations and romantic headboards. Headboards are fantastically flexible and elegant in hand-painting and a lot can be done with stencils or wall stickers to decorate headboards of your bed.


    Striking and intricate canopies are normally found in French country bedroom style and you can also design a canopy for your bedroom to give it an elegant look. To create flair of romance in bedroom, French bedroom canopy or bed crown coronet can be used. Along with a canopy, an antique armchair and a dressing screen can be placed to add beauty to the room.

    Essence of Old

    When it comes to bright and cheerful mixture of colors or whimsical decorative motifs, French Country Style furniture is what known widely. The French furniture is all you need in your bedroom as it is comfortable, welcoming and casual as well as filed with essence of old patterns.

    However, decorating French furniture in your bedroom is a fantastic idea. You can find affordable, stylish and antique furniture online at La Maison Chic which is the finest online store of French furniture of all styles.

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