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    beautiful shabby chic furniture

    Description of Beautiful Shabby Chic Furniture

    Shabby chic furniture is a form of furniture which gives appearance and signs of antique times. These aesthetic pieces are usually painted heavily give them a look of more age or time-worn. The basic technique used in its look is to rub away the top coat to show some wood. The fabric used in this style of furniture making is more towards the family of cotton and linen. Like old styles vintage floral patterns and pastel colors like pure white, sky blue, light pink and beige are always trending in the shabby chic furniture.

    Shabby Chic Furniture Ideas

    To create a vintage look in your house and balance between a luxury sitting and lived in sitting you can blindly trust the shabby chic furniture styles. You may turn your adorable empty spaces into fancy by adding these beautiful pieces of art and beauty of ageing objects. With a little bit of proper planning, all the empty spaces bring intimacy, look luxury and cozy. The first step in the planning of the decoration of shabby chic furniture involves choosing the color combination. The primary colors that are supposed to be used belong to light pastel families, like sky blue, rosy pink and cream shades. Flairs or sidelines may be added if required of colors like bold pink and reds.

    The kind of wood that gives a top look is most likely the white wash wood. It gives an aging effect because of chipped paint although it has a beautiful polish done. It is one kind of well-loved item in the shabby chic furniture. Like old French times and style if any person wishes to add some elegance and delicacy in their furniture they may add lace in the linen part. These may be, table runners, mats or may be cushioned.

    Bedroom Influenced with Shabby Chic Furniture

    A bedroom with shabby chic furniture is a beautiful, comfortable bedroom that asks for less care and saves time if you have a busy life. It gives your bedrooms a stylish yet classic look with a vintage accent. If you have a large bedroom with plenty of space, then you have all rights to make it forever comforting. Everything that makes your room a personal comforting area includes, curtains with old French style charming, photo frames with pictures of your beloved ones covered with antique frames adding more variety to your shabby chic bedroom and there may also be fluffy items on the bed or may be the floor.

    These are essentials, and the best thing about this look is that it never makes your bedroom look fussy or overly occupied but gives a relaxing, emotional atmosphere. A perfect touch of shabby chic with soft tones is all your bedroom space maybe asking you for. Your findings for perfect shabby chic bedroom ideas can bring you to the doors of  French bedroom companies as these are the places where you may come across your favorite pattern giving off to you positive energy of elegance.

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