• DIY Mirrors Decorating Ideas

    When it comes to interior designing, mirrors are one of the magical elements. It is one of the factors which emphasize a design line by enlightening with additional light. Mirrors open unlimited possibilities in interior designing and many ideas that can be used with mirrors are for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, mirrors can be a significant factor in designing a home, office or any living space.

    A mirror can be of any shape or size and they are of minimal price as compared to the effect made by them in design line. Mirrors can be used in different ways such as reflecting light in the darker corners of any living space or the visual surface of any space can be doubled with a wall mirror to emphasize the feeling. Mirrors can also be used to manipulate shadows or to get visual control in certain points.

    Decoration of DIY mirrors can be carried out in different ways and self-made mirror decoration is one of the latest trends. Mirrors are considered a valuable focal point of any living space and if you want to make the focal point decorative, you have to go with the right materials. The right materials help in decorating a mirror frame to be used in hallway, bathroom, bedroom or children’s room.

    How to decorate a DIY mirror?

    You must not forget that mirrors are the most popular home accessories and they are a significant part of the furniture. In order to make interior of any living space beautiful, you need to decorate the wall-mirrors. However, when it comes to decorate a DIY mirror in any living space, there are few materials which are used such as decorative stones, glass stones, colorful buttons, seashells, etc.

    With these materials, many patterns can be formed and beautiful mirror frames can be established to give any space a fantastic touch. An asymmetric mirror frame with gold appearance can also be made which looks extremely elegant and it can be a lovely addition to any living space. However, to make any space look good, you need to have following materials which can be bought from any craft store;

    1. A round wall mirror
    2. Glue gun
    3. Check mark
    4. Fiberboard
    5. Primer and spray paint
    6. Paper and cardboard
    7. Painter’s tape
    8. Material of decoration

    Hence, if you have the above material, you can easily make a DIY mirror decorated as follows;

    • Select the right spray paint
    • Outline the circular DIY mirror on a fiberboard
    • Cut out the shape on the board
    • The edges of the mirror should be cut 3 inches longer
    • The mirror then should be centered with a wooden disc
    • Tape the mirror and board together
    • The wooden disc is then glued, primed and painted.

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